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ACS Co. is a software application development company, devoted to the production of high quality, bleeding edge, multilingual business applications, based on published international standards and accepted guided lines.

All our applications are designed to focus on the achievement of application integration and are based on a service oriented approach focused on defining a set of loosely coupled business components, each addressing a major subject area and offering a range of services that can be orchestrated to enable and support the wide range of business processes.

Due to the design nature of ACS applications, they are intended to cover a broad range of customer types, from the small stand alone level to the enterprise and national levels. These applications will also by ideal for the implementation of ASP (application service providers) which is still new to the Middle East market, but will have a great impact on the industry in the near future.

For its Health applications, ACS is implementing Microsoft Business Patterns for Healthcare and the CHF Business Framework Connected Health Framework. The company is also committed to the implementation of Microsoft Health CUI Design Guidance aiming to support the delivery of safe patient care and standardized clinical application user interfaces..

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