AdVeska عن الشركه

We are a full-service agency based in Egypt. With our unique approaches to the market and data diggers we realize every advertiser dream of having clear data, apprehensive plan to his targets and total understanding of the budget invested.

Our goal is to impact the advertising market in Egypt; with our unique services, intensive work through a highly dedicated staff and our plans which are way ahead of time in Egypt..

AdVeska معلومات عن الشركه

  • المكان

    القاهرة, مصر

  • تاريخ التأسيس


  • مجال عمل الشركة

    التسويق والدعاية و الإعلان

  • اسم الشركة


  • نوع الشركة

    مملوكة للقطاع الخاص

  • عدد الموظفين

    1-10 موظف

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