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We are here to change business and business change is why we are here. We are here to empower a new generation of leaders with the most cutting edge leadership techniques to bring forth a productive, creative & engaged workforce.

In the knowledge age, age is not an indicator of knowledge. A new impatient, knowledgeable and emerging workforce are coming onto the business world, where so many stagnant processes and old management practices are always standing in the way of their growth and development.

This new workforce has it a little different. They seek pleasure and fun every step of the away. They are very unpredictable and won’t accept their creativity to be held back by any processes nor people. Their pace is steadfast and they demand change every minute. They seek feedback and the classical models & hierarchies of work don’t stimulate them anymore. It’s all about exchanging knowledge and on equal terms. Work has to be engaging and purposeful. Their ideas are worth millions, if not capitalized upon, their organizations are at certain loss. They are flexible and change directions very rapidly. They need to be autonomous of their work and feel ownership of their endeavor. They are adaptable and never let attachments influence their decisions. Retention of talent and engaging these new rising leaders is a constant threat and a never-ending effort, which more often than not, ends in failure.

This workforce requires a new kind leadership .A leadership that appreciates talent and capitalizes on individual creativity. This leadership has to deal with all the distractions and interruptions’ coming it’s way in an age of unprecedented exposure to information and data. A leadership equipped to take decisions, when change is as fast as the click of a button. When work is no longer bound to office hours or office spaces and when the amount of both personal and professional commitments are humongous, Leaders have to know about Getting Things Done and alleviating stress in a world where stress is a norm.

In the midst of this chaos, we arise, to give those business leaders control when things go out of hand. We train their focus to be as sharp as it could be, through the louds of madness in their everyday work. When relaxed, these business leaders are as twice as creative and productive, and we will make sure that they remain this way, even through the mayhem of overwhelm. We train business leaders to always be engaged to engage their teams through these abundant problems that arise in every step of the way.

Brainquil takes creed in providing modern leadership tools & knwoledge for those who want to lead their organizations towards affluence and wealth. We offer learning interventions to help leaders & manages to identify, direct and unbound their teams Strengths towards market leadership and personal wellbeing. Brainquil will activate their Employee’s engagement to establishing a profound team of exclusive talents, who always exceed expectations and relish a creative generation. Our people are here, to provide business people with the adeqaute business acumen of how organizations work, so that, every decision is a winning one and every venture is a success endeavor.

Brainquil is affiliated with the top tier gurus & institutes of Employee Productivity, Employee Engagement and Building Business Acumen, to bring organizations an adequate and the most cutting edge of leadership learning and management methodologies for their leaders & Managers to drive their business towards achieving their every potential.

We are evolving the Middle-Eastern Markets through developing Middle-Eastern business leaders towards building a knowledgeable, passionate & engaged workforce that keeps innovating everyday towards the wellbeing of society and individuals.

We serve Corporations, Governments, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Entrepreneurs and Individuals in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait. Brainquil designs and delivers dynamic, interactive & learner-centric learning solutions..

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