Medical Representative - Aswan

Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries


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    1 - 3

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    دوام كامل

تفاصيل الوظيفة

    Responsible for the continued growth of the company by assuring that the actual sales of the line and individual products in his/her territory reach or exceed foretasted levels. Prepares a daily, weekly and monthly schedule and develops plans for efficient operation of his/her territory. Maintains a comprehensive and classified list of physicians, hospitals and Para- medical contacts and on a continuing basis updates “Customer Data” and enters the essentials of all interviews for future guidance. He/she effectively uses this recall system during physician interviews also use it to plans each physician, hospital and pharmacy call in advance. Carefully assesses the potential of each hospital in his/her territory On a continuing basis and according to the territory plan, promotes the line products to distributors’ sales staff also, monitor and inform the company about the sales and stock of different distributors in his/her territory. On continuous basis monitor and inform the company about medicine tenders and bids launched in his/her territory. Also establish meaningful relationships with the different personnel in the technical and commercial committees of these tenders and bids. During his/her physician contacts he/she projects a high-quality image of himself /herself and Orchidia. Accomplishes productive sales calls by matching the sales presentation to the individual need. Assures a “fair balance” in the detailing effort- advises the physician as to the contra-indications, precautions, side effects, accompanying usage of his/her products. Keeps a watchful eye on different sales and marketing activities being conducted by competitors in his/her territory and keeps managers informed about such activities. Professionally manage and coordinate the activities related to the customer service in his/her area including reply to customer requests, quotations requests, invitations, entertainments, shipping of orders in time, invoices collection or any other customer service activities. Establishes meaningful relationships with health ministries, health authorities and distributors involved in his/her territory. Sends different types of reports requested by his/her managers. He/she shall ensure that such reports are accurate and sent on time. Constantly reviews his/her territory coverage program in terms of increased and more productive coverage. Maintains all company property in good condition and does not tell any company information to an outside source. Marginal Attends and actively participates in pre-cycle meeting, comes prepared to give an effective pre-planned detail on all products on promotion. When the situation arises suggests potential candidates for employment and informs the Field Sales Supervisor accordingly. Through company activity and by effort of self-improvement, the Medical Representative improves himself/herself in medical knowledge, selling techniques and the essentials of good interpersonal relationships. Upon the request of the sales supervisor, the medical rep attends the scientific events launched by the company or other organizations and also participates and coordinates the arrangements related to those events. job requirements 1 to 3 years Not Specified at least Pharmaceuticals Job Roles: Medical/Healthcare Pharmaceutical Sales/Retail
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