Environment Specialist

Saudi Aramco Total Refining & Petrochemical Company (SATORP)
Jubail, Saudi Arabia


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تفاصيل الوظيفة

    - To develop, implement and maintain the Environmental Management System in accordance with SATORP’s policies, ISO14001 standards and the Royal Commission regulations.
    - Monitor SATORP’s environmental emissions and ensure the same is within the agreeable and mandatory parameters set by the Royal Commission within agreed and mandatory parameters. Conduct environmental risk assessment and analysis of cleanup sites or potential hazards, and develop hazardous-waste management studies to evaluate the impact of such hazards.
    - Provide environmental engineering consulting and technical support to all concerned personnel at SATORP.
    - Translate environmental policies, rules and regulations into engineering standards to be implemented across SATORP.
    - Coordinate with Project Teams to review project design to ensure that environmental impacts are considered and standards and guidelines are adherence to.
    - Evaluate new technologies and systems to improve current environmental management and control systems and adopt cost-effective techniques and methods.
    - Implement Environmental Programs; such as Environmental Performance Assessment (EPA), Radiation Protection, Environmental Health Program, and others.
    - Ensure proper and timely assessment of risks and implementation of measures and arrangements identified as necessary from the assessments for the Maintenance activities, the critical operational activities and during the Management of Change process.
    - Develop the Environmental Management System based on ISO14001, including policies, goals, responsibilities, implementation procedures and controlling procedures, and reporting and auditing activities.
    - Obtain and maintain the Environmental certificates.
    - Plan, organize and perform internal and external environmental audits and recommend corrective actions to be implemented.
    - Implement and supervise the adequate Environmental monitoring and the environmental data management from which the Key Performance Indicators will be derived.
    - Develop, promote and follow-up on the Environmental Management System across the Refinery’s areas and ensure the development of a robust environmental culture and personal behavior.
    - Train and provide expert advice to SATORP Management Committee and other Organization Heads in areas of environmental management and control.
    - Propose and monitor the Environmental training programs for all SATORP’s employees and contractors, and report and recommend on the training quality and efficiency.
    - Ensure developing a database of all environmental incidents and accidents records or claims, and initiate follow-up actions as required.
    - Assist the Safety Organization in developing the Environment Emergency response.
    - Ensure that SATORP’s contracting policies and procedures are in compliance with environmental standards and regulations.
    - Perform other duties as assigned by the Environment Head.
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