Environment Health and Safety Manager

Abu Dhabi, UAE


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    Key tasks
    - To identify key areas of risk in various food operations for early remedial actions.
    - Practice safe working techniques and re- enforce the safety policies, guidelines, and procedures as set out by the company.
    - To monitor the health condition of food handlers and to arrange medical examination or suspension of work where necessary.
    - To provide in-house training for the food handlers.
    - To handle complaints or inquiries from customers on food hygiene matters
    - To act as a Local point of contact with the Food and Environmental Hygiene department.
    - To advise food handlers on the proper food handling practices and ensure their observance.
    - To conduct daily checks on the personal, environmental and food hygiene conditions of the food establishment and keep records on the findings.
    - To check establishments and workplaces to ensure that the place is safe and is not hazardous for the workers.
    - To inspect the buildings and such to ensure that the place is safe from diseases or viruses that may harm the workers. They test the air and water of the place to ensure that it is conducive for working.
    - To inform the workers or the owners of the building about the condition and how to maintain cleanliness in the area, educate them on how to up the safety and cleanliness level of the place.
    - Ensure compliance with food handling and sanitation standard.
    - Enforce proper cleaning routines for service ware, equipment, floors etc.
    - Enforces proper use and cleaning of all dishes as per standard.
    - Ensure kitchen steward is properly trained regarding sanitation, equipment's handling and chemical usages.
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