Flight Operations Specialist

Vinnell Arabia
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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    A. Duties/Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for assisting the Flight Operations Manager in the execution of airfield flight operations tasks and execution
    of all functions, activities, and flight operations procedures in support of rotary wing operations. Responsible for supporting
    the safe operation, employment, maintenance, and flight procedures of rotary wing aircraft. The ability to accomplish the
    a. Execute Flight planning, filing, related activities in support of Customer and contractor training, operations.
    b. Possess the ability to manage automated flight record systems as appropriate
    c. Execution of policies, procedures, and standards for airfield operations.
    d. Monitor and operate various communications systems used for communication with aircraft flight crews, emergency
    response crews, refuel, security forces, and air traffic control.
    e. Provide technical expertise during complex deployments and exercises.
    f. Provide support for aircrews in the filing of flight plans, FLIP requisitioning, clearances, and weather support.
    g. Respond to and manage airfield aircraft emergency and accidents/incidents, and downed aircraft recovery missions.
    h. Inspects and/or checks condition of runways, taxiways, and aprons for flying safety hazards to include compliance with
    airfield criteria, aircraft foreign object damage and bird aircraft strike hazards.
    i. Maintains documentation of shift events, traffic logs, and other necessary forms to document coordination of
    airfield/aircraft activities.
    j. Provide flight records management for flight crewmembers rated and non-rated.
    B. Independence: Reports to the applicable section manager under the Brigade Support Operations Manager. Works within
    the rules and regulations of Army Airfield Flight Operations guidelines. Authority to select and implement goals and
    objectives within the execution of duties and responsibilities.
    C. Supervisory Responsibilities: As assigned by the manager.
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