Civil Engineer

بدون إسم
UAE - Sharjah


  • المرتب

    6,000 - 7,000 غير محدد

  • مستوي الوظيفة

    إدارة عليا / تنفيذي

تفاصيل الوظيفة

    Checking and Verifying the invitation sent by the Distribution Maintenance Division for various projects Inspecting the site and checking the site for various works as mentioned in the invitation Taking the measurements and other details for the works mentioned in the invitation Preparation of a quotation for the invitation received. After receiving the Service Work Order and order conformation a brief list of products needed for the work site has to be prepared. Checking the quality of the products purchased and see if it maintains the standard as mentioned in the agreement. Inspecting the site and checking the quality of work done and make sure that all standards are meet as mentioned in Agreement Making sure that the workers use all kind of safety equipments as per Standard. Making sure that the working environment follows all safety rules as per HSE Department. Making sure that the work is finished in the scheduled time. Preparation of a chart for the supervisors, briefly explaining about the various pending works in various work sites and make sure that all the work are carefully followed up. Handle the tasks of planning and providing direction in checking and verification of product quality.
اقرأ المزيد اقرأ أقل
أخر الوظائف

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