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The world runs on fun:

One by one, brands are waking up to the power of engagement through entertainment, grabbing attention not by interrupting people’s lives, but by reaching out to enrich them.

Mondia Media partners with big global names in digital entertainment to give people unprecedented access to the latest music, video, and games they need.

We’re a leading player in B2B digital entertainment, working in over 100 countries to connect our business partners with their target audiences through pioneering solutions.

What we do:

Mondia Media steps in to bridge whatever gap might exist between people and their digital entertainment. We cover the entire value chain, offering our clients bespoke models to use in-house, as well as the option to flexibly outsource some services.

Your customers won’t compromise on the kind of digital entertainment they want, you shouldn’t either. So whether your business is music streaming, online gaming or e-book publishing, you can enjoy access to material from our high-profile licensors like Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner, Gameloft, and EA..

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