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The PICO Group started in 1974 working in trading activities. Over the past decades, PICO has grown to become one of Egypt’s leading private sector groups with activities in a variety of areas. Over its growth journey, PICO has developed an extensive set of expertise in the many areas in which it has ventured and established itself.
Armed with this expertise PICO has been able to affirm its role as a private sector trendsetter in the Egyptian market. The current focus is not only at meeting the opportunities brought forth by 21st Century Egypt, but also to participate fully in the creation of such opportunities.
Working through over 2000 employees, the PICO Group strategy is to create a fine workable blend of young overachieving professionals and seasoned experienced hands. The result is a dynamic firm that is in tune with the advances of the times while also being well in touch with the Egyptian medium within which it functions.
The PICO Group is involved with activities in the key pillars of the Egyptian economy with an organizational structure that provides it with stability.
The balance of business gives the group the stability & critical mass needed to be able to withstand the bullish & bearish trends in the economy..

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    القاهرة, مصر

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    PICO Engineering Group

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