One of ALEF’s main targets is encouraging more and more people to read. ALEF aims at encouraging people to build an eternal friendship with books. Our team has categorized a number of books—101 READING—for beginners who are not quite familiar with certain topics. The process of categorization is based on addressing our clients’ various tastes and needs in different fields. In addition, the recommended books are engaging and easy to read.

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Our mission is to create a highly knowledgeable, intellectual, and well-read community in the MENA region, and to provide our customers with the widest collection of books, great value, and expert advice from a team passionate about books. ALEF also aspires to achieve this through providing high technology that works as a guide addressing the customer’s understanding. ALEF aims at having branches all over the world, while keeping its inspiration derived from the rich culture of Andalusia. This theme allows ALEF to offer a unique and comprehensive customer service experience through an inspirational and rich culture

أعجبني شارك
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