Montessori Children's House

Montessori Children's House

الجيزة, EGYPT

التعليم - التدريب - التوجيه

May 25, 2015 at 1:41 pm

We are hiring:
Job (1): Admin Assistant
Age: 30
Language: English
Experience:.1 to 2 years

Job (2): Teacher
Children age: from 1.5-3

أعجبني شارك
Mariam Adel معجب بهذا

Mariam Adel I want to know more info. about Job (2),please منذ 2 سنة - أعجبني

Montessori Children's House Hi Mariam Adel please Contact us on 01277819939 or sent your CV. on with your question. Thanks for your interest . منذ 2 سنة - أعجبني Mariam Adel معجب بهذا

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