Tellus عن الشركه

Tellus is an upgrade for the Customer Service. It will match peoples' lifestyle as it will be chatting with businesses through our Mobile and Web App.
Upgrading the Customer Service to match the people's lifestyle!
Tel·lus [tel-uhs] - n the Roman goddess of the earth & also a latin word for earth

Tellus™ is a mobile application that provides customer to business communication through mobile device directly. Unlike call centers, Tellus™ saves time by eliminating waiting time on phone and provide direct chatting on the user’s mobile device.
Tellus™ mobile application delivers an unprecedented mobile customer service experience by turning smartphones into text-enabled customer service assistants. Tellus™ is the first text-enabled assistant in the middle east to connect you with the business the customer wants in a chat window. Tellus™ transforms iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other smartphones into a powerful engagement tool that allows customers to serve themselves and get immediate outcomes - whether that’s asking about a university, reserving a table for two at a cafe or simply getting a question answered..

Tellus معلومات عن الشركه

  • المكان

    القاهرة, مصر

  • تاريخ التأسيس


  • مجال عمل الشركة

    برامج الكمبيوتر

  • اسم الشركة


  • نوع الشركة

    مملوكة للقطاع الخاص

  • عدد الموظفين

    11-50 موظف


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