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The Law Magazine is the first monthly periodical of its kind within Egypt: a source of updates, research, and articles in the field of law within Egypt as well as internationally; aiming to connect every individual interested in law and legal systems – providing real insight into the Egyptian legal career market and legal research overall.
Law school students, fresh graduates, post graduates and professionals in the field within Egypt will discover numerous resources, interesting updates, and the option to participate through submitting articles and research papers in this avant-garde publication.


The Law Magazine is a publication aiming to provide better insight into the world of law by creating a connection and acting as a mediator between the members of its target audience: all those interested in law or with a legal background, from students to full-fledged professionals.
We aim to foster continuity, expansion, and communication between those interested in law and students and professionals studying and working in law.

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    القاهرة, مصر

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    الخدمات القانونية

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    The Law Magazine

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    ملكية ذاتية

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