Bisco Misr Company Profile

BiscoMisr was established in 1957 during Egypt’s nationalization program as the Egyptian Company for Foods which has been the country’s main provider of baked goods and confectionery at that time.

The company was established with the purpose of supplying the army and the national schools at the time, providing a quick energy snack for the soldiers in the barracks as well as the school children on the playground.

At the same time, BiscoMisr was the main confectionery supplier for the local market.

BiscoMisr has taken a new look with the handover of the company’s management from the public sector to the private sector at the height of the revived privatization program in 2005. Since then, the company and its avid fans have seen a total makeover of BiscoMisr’s name.

Today, BiscoMisr, is one of the leading companies in the country and has always been available in the market for more than 50 years now.

The company was put up for partial sale in 1999 when the privatization process was on a roll. The private investor bought a stake in the company but did not take an active management at the time.

Just six years later, on January 16, 2005, BiscoMisr was fully privatized. The new shareholders took over the management in May 2005 and since then they brought an obvious change to BiscoMisr.

BiscoMisr’s CEO has brought on a team of highly qualified personnel with working experience in multinationals that have proven to be the best of their peers in their field; from Human Resources to Marketing and from sales and distribution to IT.

With the privatization of the company, the new management team has brought on a renaissance in the company’s strategy, which has changed BiscoMisr from simply being a producer of confectionery and biscuits, to a state-of-the-art, up-to-date and modern company that is keeping up with the times..

Bisco Misr Details Info

  • Location

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Founded


  • Company Industry

    Food Production

  • Company Name

    Bisco Misr

  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    1,001-5,000 Employees

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