10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Jobzella App


Good news for all Jobzellians out there, the moment you have been waiting for, has finally come.

Drum roll… We are announcing the launch of our new mobile application, on Google Play and Apple Store. It’s time for all users to have their accounts available all the time, and we are going to give you the top ten reasons why you should be using Jobzella’s app:

  1. All within your fingertips:
  • Create your own profile: If you are not on Jobzella yet, take a few seconds and register for a new account. Add some of your personal information, experience, and education and you are ready to go!
  • Complete your account: Don’t worry about not knowing all the information. You can always get back to the application and complete or update your profile.
  1. Follow top companies: Within seconds, you can look at a large database of companies in different countries and follow their news.
  1. Expand you professional network: Look for your workmates, former managers, professors and bosses, and add them to your personal contact and professional network.
  1. Search on-the-go:
  • Jobs: Find the job of your dreams, and keep yourself updated with the new available positions in the market within your field.
  • Courses: Want to learn new skills, or upgrade your qualifications, then check our courses list, and find what you need.
  • Events: If it is related to your business field, or any other field that interests you, Jobzella app can help you find all the events that are close to you.
  1. Apply on the spot: No need for a computer, or a complicated process, once you create your account you can apply to as many jobs as you want.

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  1. Check your account status, and notifications: Keep an eye on your account, find out who visited you, and check your notifications.
  1. Respond to messages: If it is an urgent message, or simply meeting a new connection, don’t keep your messages unread, and respond immediately.
  1. Share your expertise :Let the professional world know what you are made of.
  1. Give your feedback: Write your comments and send messages or feedback to Jobzella, and let us help you.
  1. Invite your friends: Add your friends and invite your connections to join your professional network.

Download the App now via Google Play Store or Apple Store and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to invite your friends and colleagues to download Jobzella app and don’t forget to rate the app. You can find us for any questions or comments on Jobzella, Facebook and Twitter.

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