10 Reasons: Why You Want To Work As A Call Center Agent?


Most large companies have a growing demand for call centers, which means that there are many opportunities for call center jobs. Many of you might be reluctant working as a “call center agent”, because it is not your dream job, or because of the amount of effort needed to do the job, but we do believe that you should rethink about it!

Before discussing the benefits of working as a call center agent, you have to know that there are two major types of call center jobs: the inbound and outbound calls.

– Inbound calls: are calls that are made by customers who need or have inquiries, information, troubleshooting, or complaints and agents help resolve these issues.

– Outbound calls: are calls where agents call potential customers to make a survey, data verification, or a sale.

Advantages of Working as a Call Center Agent:

By reading the below lines, you will discover that there are many benefits and advantages for working as a call center agent that you need to think about before deciding whether or not to accept the job.

  1.      No Experience Needed:

Most call center jobs do not require any previous experience, so if you are a fresh graduate with no experience at all and you are new to the job market, then a call center job is the easiest gate to enter any big corporation, provided that you have good communication skills and computer knowledge, but some call centers need fluency in certain languages mainly English, or French, or German.

2.      High Income and Rewards:

Usually the salary of the call center agents is higher than any other entry or junior level jobs. In addition, you can get extra compensation in the form of over time or for working on specific timing (e.g. night shifts). If you are into sales calls, you can receive commission on top of your salary. Thus, more sales mean more money for you. Another great benefits are health insurance and life insurance, and usually your family will be also included in these insurances as your beneficiaries. Additional perks like free gym memberships, special discounts might also be provided.

3.      Enhance Your Skills:

Most call centers invest a lot in providing free trainings to their agents. This is a great opportunity to develop your skills, especially in communication and multi-tasking. You will learn how to talk, listen, work on the computer and solve problems all the same time. Besides in most cases you will get internal training from the company itself on their product/services, which will give you great exposure and better understanding to the different functions of this organization. What’s even great about it is that you will be compensated even while on training.

4.      Get Promoted in Less Than 6 Months:

Yes, you can get promoted in less than 6 months. If you are a team player, study your materials well and handle your tasks efficiently, you will be eligible for a promotion as early as 6 months into the job which is very unlikely in other regular jobs. This promotion means not only more responsibilities, but also more privileges and higher income.

5.      Get Your Dream Job:

As we said before, a call center job is the easiest way to enter any big corporation, especially if you do not have any previous experience. This gate can help you to reach your dream job, if you proved yourself as a hard worker and knowledgeable call center agent. Most big corporations prefer and more inclined to hire and promote from within, before thinking to hire new candidates from outside. Since in-bound call center agents work as customer service agents who are exposed to all functions in their organizations, they can get the required knowledge that enable them to apply to the internal vacancies easily, hence get their dream job.

6.      A Great Team To Work With:

Usually and unlike any other job or department, call centers have people from different backgrounds and you get to interact and work with these people. Not only will you be able to make friends and learn from them, but with the multitude of personalities the work environment is never a bore. Also the team spirit that is often present between workers is great, because employees are often seated close together and it is easy to chat between calls.

7.      Prestige:

Almost all call centers with international accounts are multinational companies. This is something worth bragging about. Since most call centers are big companies with deep pockets, you will most probably have a very nice office in great business buildings and business districts. Imagine yourself having the chance of working with very popular and prestigious brand names like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Vodafone…etc. Many call center offices are equipped with gyms, game rooms, sleeping quarters, and/or recreation rooms for employees to blow some steam and relax and pantries in these offices would come with drinks such as coffee, and chocolate.

8.      Dress Code:

Dress codes in call centers are very informal. You may encounter a call center agent, and you probably will not even know that this person just came from work or is about to go to work, from the way he dress.

9.      No Traffic Jams Any More (Flexibility):

Another great benefit is that you can avoid traffic jams. You can work at nights and avoid rush hour traffic. Also you can customize your work schedule and request your favorite days-off any time during the week or the month, so you can organize a long vacation freely.

10.  Low Work Volume:

If you are a teacher, accountant, or even a marketer, and after a hectic day at work, you might still bring some work home. This never happens in a call center. Once you are logged out, you are done!


Every Job has its pros and cons, but as we discussed, you can see that the benefits of working in a call center are great. If you are interested and ready to take up the challenge of working in the call center industry, visit Jobzella and apply for companies currently hiring.


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