5 Career Lessons The World Cup Taught Us


Every four years, millions of people pile in front of the TV to watch the world cup. This year, the world cup in Russia proved to be quite the event. Although Egypt did not qualify out of the group stages, it was still exhilarating to watch our team play in the world cup after such a long absence. The 2018 world cup taught us a couple of valuable lessons; some of them can even be applied to our professional or career situations. Let’s talk about the 5 lessons we learned from the world cup this year.

No one is invincible

The big names of Football; Germany, Brazil, Italy, France etc. We always expect one of them to win. Looking back over the years, only a handful of teams have won multiple world cup titles. Statistically speaking, the more likely teams to win were the ones who got knocked out at the earlier stages. Some of them did not even qualify to enter. There is a lesson to be learned here, no matter how good you are, how widespread your reputation is or how much excellent work you’ve produced in the past; YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE. Remember that the next time you believe that your past success can keep you from future failures. Always keep working on your skills and qualifications, don’t stop learning just because you have a glowing past.

Expect the unexpected

If the 2018 world cup has taught us anything, it’s that there is nothing guaranteed. Who would’ve thought that tiny Croatia would end up in the final with France? There is nothing guaranteed in life, neither personal nor professional. Never rely on your expectations and always be prepared to handle the unexpected.

There is always room for innovation

This year FIFA introduced the VAR or “Video Assistant Referees”. For decades, we have been counting on the mere eyesight of the referee and his assistants. Most of the time, things go without a hitch. Sometimes though, some incidents pass right under the nose of the referee; let’s face it we’re human and we all make mistakes. FIFA’s innovative idea relies on the concept of re-watching the incident closely to determine whether the referee’s call was as it should be. This teaches us that there is always room for innovation; no matter how perfect you believe something is, it can be better. Don’t stick to your old ways; learn about new technological advancements and always make sure you are up to speed on the latest upgrades.

Teamwork is key

Mohamed Salah, Messi, Ronaldo; All big names and excellent players who did not even reach the semifinals. Individually, these players are some of the best in the world, no one doubts that. However, football is a team sport; you cannot rely on the talents of one man to win you the game. The same concept applies in the workplace. Work is often times a collaborative effort; you need to work as part of a group no matter how good you are at what you do.

Decency is good

Japan maybe didn’t win the world cup, but they sure won our hearts. Following a heartbreaking defeat against Belgium, the Japanese fans could have acted like most football fans around the world and started a riot. Instead, they cleaned up after themselves and made sure they left the stadium in perfect condition. Not only that, the Japanese team cleaned up the locker rooms where they were assigned and even left a thank you note for their hosts. We can learn a few things from this great country. Being a decent person in the workplace can have an increasingly positive effect on your work, social relationships and professional track record. When employers consider promotions, behavior is among the top aspects considered.

This year’s world cup was a surprise for us all. We did not qualify out of the group stage, that doesn’t mean we can’t win though. The 2018 Russia world cup has taught us all some valuable lessons in sports and in life. Learning from other cultures and finding knowledge in worldwide events is critical. This is what we felt that this year’s world cup taught us. Got any other lessons? Share your thoughts with us.

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