Top 5 New Year Resolutions to Boost Your Career Life

New year's resolution to boost your career

New years resemble hope and starters, it’s always the perfect time for new beginnings and decisions you might not always commit to, but though you hope. Because one always needs a rope to cling to in order to give himself hope for success, especially if it’s about boosting his career life. This year is definitely it. The time where you change your career life forever, upgrade, achieve personal growth and professional growth as well as to gain more experience and widen your career scope.

It’s almost always indispensable to end the previous year by counting its successes and letting go of its failures and starting the new year with new goals hoping and committing yourself to your goals.

There are too many revolutionary thoughts such as getting a more fit body, starting a new study, learning a new language, traveling more often, and updating your career path, it might be as simple as boosting your career life.

But the thing about resolution decisions is that you have to be consistent with what you hope to achieve. Keep your eye on the dream and commit to the plan through which you’ll achieve your resolution.

After all, you need to be conscious that not all of your plans will work out just perfect, some of it will go the wrong way because simply, life happens.

1# Attend Professional Career Events

Attending professional career events is the ultimate career life booster, for career events similar to Jobzella’s career fairs are a must-include all the best job opportunities and training programs. If most companies were like us, they’d provide them for free too. Check out this album from our last and most successful career fair:

Career events are the treasure mine in which you’ll find plenty of professional networking opportunities, not mentioning the job opportunities in the most prominent companies, for these fairs and events aren’t usually packed with lame companies, they pay a lot to acquire the best candidates to fit their needs, so.

Even if you’re not hired, you’ll be one of the familiar faces and must go to whenever they or you need a contact reference, that’s one point of the benefits you get from networking. I’m sure you know the rest!

Networking, new job opportunities, attending free workshops and getting advice directly from the experts, and actually putting your name and face out there in the market would definitely boost your career life in 2020!

Don’t know where to start? Over here.

2# Become a Bookworm

This headline was “read a career-related book” but why read a book while you can become a bookworm? You’ve got the whole year ahead of you!

If you are already a bookworm, then your resolution would be to read more about your work field and enrich your skills, read books that aim at boosting your career life. Here are a few samples for career life-changing books you need to read this year:

  • The New Rules of Work by Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew
  • Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga – The Courage to Be Disliked
  • Lois P. Frankel – Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office
  • Jonah Berger – Contagious
New year's resolution to boost your career life - become a bookworm and read contagious by Jonah Berger

If you think you don’t need a book to tell you how to boost your career life, then think twice. Books can transform your whole life upside down, a new ideology reforms inside your brain by each new book you read. And by reading those books, you’re about to take your career life to the next level.

3# Become Good at One Thing You’re Bad at

Remember all the days where you felt lacking some skills and that there’s something related to your work field that you can’t do.

Either you saw a co-worker being good at something you’re bad at and everybody’s been cheering up for it. Or that you kept thinking about it and forgot all the things you’re good at and that one particular thing pissed you off?

It’s time to pick it up where you left off, and become too Goddamn good at it!

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4# Become an Early Bird

A new year’s starter pack is to refresh all your routines, start new ones, and become more productive than the old sloppy version of yours, of course, that’s justified due to the boredom, repetitive events, and the frustration point you reach after failing to keep up with your scheduled goals and failing your work/life balance.

The first thing you do is waking up, every day, and if you don’t start your day right then what you think you’re gonna achieve the rest of the day? Starting your day with a simple goal as waking up early gives you a great power and stimulates your mind to keep on the streak.

Becoming an early bird also helps you do more before work, like jogging for example. Having a personal habit like that before going to work makes you more enthusiastic about your tasks and helps you have a clear mind to focus and be more productive at work and that’ll boost your career life for good!

5# Brand Your Work

Showcasing your skills and work quality is one of the most important steps in finding better and easier job opportunities. Personal branding is branding yourself as an individual worker not relating yourself to the company you work at.

If you haven’t had already started then you need to start this year branding your work and showcasing every project you take, the best platform on which you can do so is Linkedin, and if you’re a content or copywriter you can make a great use of Contently as an online portfolio showcasing all your work. It could be your online clients’ magnet if you add it to your LinkedIn profile!

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