5 Skills To Live By; Meet Our “Ne2dar” Employment Fair Speakers

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The world can be a very stressful place for people with disabilities. Just getting from one place to another takes a lot of time and effort, let alone finding stable rewarding jobs. These people however, have refused to accept the labels pushed onto them by society. Numerous skills are required to persevere in the job market as a person with disabilities. Find out about these skills and meet the key speakers in Jobzella’s “Ne2dar” employment fair.

iately though, he tried many different things after his accident until he found his true calling. Amr El-Sohagy is an example to follow for both able-bodied and disabled people alike.

  • Innovation

Tarek Salem was a swimmer who suffered from a diving accident in Alexandria that left him a quadriplegic. Unable to move his legs or his fingers, Tarek defied the odds and refused to give up on life. He graduated from The 6th of October University with BSc in computer science. Although he held several positions in different companies, he now works for a Vodafone as a Network engineer. Tarek also invented various ingenious tools to help him cope with his disability and insists on being completely self-dependent. He was quoted saying “Never say your life has no meaning”. A true inspiration for everyone out there.

  • Ambition

Ahmed Raafat was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta; a disease that affects the bones, making them easily breakable. Despite his disease, he graduated from the Future University in Egypt with a Bachelor’s in commerce and Information technology. He boasts a number of impressive achievements that include: 2nd place in the University’s chess tournament and 3rd best photographer over Egypt. Ahmed currently works as a social media manager and graphic designer at the Egypt Expo and Convention Authority. He names his late mother as one of the most influential people in his life and has stated that meeting the Egyptian president was one of the most significant events in his life. Ahmed has conquered his disease and made an amazing life for himself. Can you do the same?

  • Determination

Mahmoud Sami tell us his story about he overcame his blindness and was able to find work as a customer service advisor at Aramex. He graduated from Cairo University with a BSc in English arts. After graduating, Mahmoud found it extremely difficult to find work due to the discriminatory nature of society. Employers didn’t believe that a blind man could work the same jobs as someone who could see. He refused to give up and took multiple courses until an employment company for the disabled was able to secure a job for him at Aramex. His message to companies is that employers should stop prejudging people with special needs and give them a chance, they might just surprise you. He calls on fellow disabled people and urges them to work harder in order to compensate for what they’re missing. His message to all of us is that you should never give up no matter how tough things get.

  • Altruism

Soha Raafat suffer from “Achondroplasia”; a disease that causes dwarfism. Soha graduated with a degree in Business Administration majoring in marketing. She had a passion for social work and pursued that love as a loyal member of the Youth Rotary Club -Rotaract- where she held multiple leadership positions. Today, Soha works as an Alexandria Regional Officer – Embassies of Knowledge Department in the Cultural Outreach sector at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. She believes that with proper support, any person with special needs can have the opportunity to shine. She attributes her success in her professional career to the way she was raised. A shining example that people with disabilities can be as successful as anyone else.

Jobzella believes that people with disabilities deserve a fair chance professionally. Join us in the upcoming “Ne2dar” Employment fair brought to you by The Professional Development Fund, Jobzella and Himmetna. Help create job opportunities for everyone and join NOW.

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