6 Lessons The Avengers Can Teach You About Landing Your Next Job


Seeking a new job is never easy, Job search actually needs a lot of efforts and you need to know what you are looking for and identify your skills inventory. Luckily, there is a group of people to whom you can look for advice: The Avengers. In honor of the upcoming release of Marvel’s “Avengers: End Game 2019, We share with you 7 lessons you can learn from The Avengers’ characters may help you to land your next job.

1. Don’t Lie About Your Work History.

Lying on your resume? You are bound to get caught.
As Black Widow learns the hard way, lying about your past can come back to bite you in the spandex. Some of the other characters have had a hard time trusting her because she’s lied so much in the past — so she’s had to work hard to regain the trust of some of the Avengers, namely Captain America.
Stay honest. It sounds cliché, but honesty really is the best policy.

2. Show Your Interpersonal Skills.

Interpersonal skills are the skills we use every day when we communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People with strong interpersonal skills are often more successful in both their professional and personal lives. One of the most important interpersonal skills is Communication Skill. The Avengers showed us what happens when everyone refuses to compromise and no one listens: everyone starts arguing, nothing gets done, and then Bruce Banner flips out and destroys the Helicarrier. And you don’t want to pay for a new Helicarrier — trust me.

3. Identify Your Strengthens.

Captain America: “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you?” Tony Stark (Iron Man): “A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” While spearheading through your career, there will be those who try to bring you down. Whoever they are, know your strengths and use them for good. There is no reason to be afraid of self-promotion (not too much though). It should be done with a sense of confidence that will leave a good impression on people.  I mean, that comment made by Tony Stark was an epic comeback!

4. Build & Expand Your Network.

In finding new jobs and launching a new career, one need not underestimate the power of professional networking. Search through your family, friends, friends of friends, social groups, alumni and others. Get your name and qualifications out there; you may be lucky to land that dream job that you seek.

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye worked well together for two reasons. One, as individuals, they were strong. Two, together, they were powerful. It is always wise to retain those you acquaint on the job; bosses, colleagues and other people. They may one day be able to help you with a project or landing your next job. Always take time and observe potential allies. Be helpful and trustworthy because you may never know when you may need them.

5. Keep a Good Reputation.

We’re living in a digital world now – things have changed. Nowadays people have to check each other’s’ Facebook profiles to recognize them or to get in contact, or maybe to hire them too!
In the world of the online reputation management, there is a lot of websites & companies that will help you boost your profile to move to the top of the search results if you are looking to build your personal or corporate brand.

One of the best superheroes in the Avengers is Agent Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow). She is, firstly, a woman. Secondly, she is one of the two people who does not possess any superpower, but a very high set of skills. Apart from the fact that she is stunning, she is just as dynamic as the rest and she knows how to handle a fight. If this example is being taken, it does not mean that one should wear a full leather suit to an interview (if anything, dress professionally and appropriately). However, as a new hire, all eyes will definitely focus on you. Always show your worth, not just in the way you act, but in the way you present yourself as an independent, driven and highly skilled employee.

6. Do not give up and try again.

Captain America was initially a small skinny man who was rejected by the army. However, he had the determination and he worked hard at turning himself into a war hero, eventually becoming stronger than most due to an experiment that was conducted on him. There is a hero within everyone, and it is their job to awaken it. Discover your skill and use it to get the job you are looking for.

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