Eid is coming up next week and it’s the most anticipated holiday of the year. Employees typically get a 4 day paid vacation, but most, bridge the remaining days to benefit from a full 9 day vacation. Some people travel, some just relax after a heavy week of work. We’re here to tell you how to make the most of your bridge. Jobzella recommends utilizing all free time in a way that would be beneficial in both, your professional and personal life. Here’s what you can do in this coming vacation to enrich your life.

  1.    From Zero To Hero

Yes, we’re being a little biased but, Jobzella’s guide “From Zero To hero” contains all the essential information every graduate and professional should read carefully. Take a couple of minutes from your free time to enrich your professional knowledge

  1.    Meditation

Meditation has been proven to enhance your personal and professional skills. Training your mind and being able to control your mindfulness is essential to being a productive member at work and in your community.

  1.    Update Your Jobzella Profile

Updating your Jobzella profile guarantees more visibility by the hiring companies. Usually profiles with incomplete data or a missing picture are often looked over. Update your profile today to benefit from Jobzella’s online job platform

  1.    Read

Why do we read? Some do it for pleasure, some do it to waste time. The smart ones though, do it for knowledge. Being well read & acquiring knowledge is absolutely essential in progressing your professional and personal life.

  1.    Visit new places

Egypt is full of exciting things to do. If you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in Cairo over the long vacation, google is your friend. Search for things to do, new experiences always teach us things we never knew.

  1.    Create a new health plan

Work is bad for your health; always has been. The constant stress, wrong sitting positions and glaring monitors have an extremely negative effect on our health. Start creating a health plan, whether it’s dieting, a sports related activity or even just practicing good health in general

  1.    Learn something new

Pick up an instrument, learn how to code or learn graphic design basics. The vacation sadly is not enough to learn something new completely. It is however, long enough to learn basics and put yourself on the right track. New skills never hurt, even if they are not work related.

  1.    Visit loved ones

Life is busy, that’s a fact we have to live by. Often times we neglect loved ones due to work or life stress. It’s unintentional but it happens, now is the time to make up for it.

  1.    Travel

Last but not least, don’t limit yourself to one place. By travelling we don’t mean go party in Sahel. Visit some place new, somewhere you can relax and wash your stress away. Taking care of your mental health is key to staying productive.

These are 9 things you can do in your 9 day vacation. Stay productive and never allow yourself to waste time gaining nothing. While on vacation you can also check available vacancies on Jobzella if you’re looking for an upgrade. Check the website now for all the information about the available vacancies. 

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