A Day In The Life; Of A Software Engineer


A day in the life; this is the title of the new blog series created by Jobzella, you definitely don’t want to miss this. We will briefly describe how an average day goes by in the work life of various professionals in different fields. Get a glimpse into your future and keep tuned to find a day in the life of your dream job. Since IT, programming and software development seems to be the trend nowadays; we decided to start our series with a talented software engineer.

Yahia Salem, a software engineer from Valeo, tells us what it’s like to work in coding with one of the biggest multinational car parts manufacturer.

6:00 AM

After snoozing the alarm for the 3rd time, I wake up at 6:00 AM. Software engineers and people who work with codes, usually work in a casual environment; there’s not much of a dress code to adhere to. So I dress reasonably casually and head out to work. I’m usually out the door by 6:30 to catch the bus to work.

7:30 AM

After a long 1 hour commute, I finally arrive at the “Smart Village” where Valeo headquarters is located. The official workday starts at 8 AM. However, I like to arrive there early for a cup of coffee and a 15 minute break to clear my mind before work; sometimes if I’m lucky, I can catch a quick breakfast.

8:00 AM

I start working on my daily tasks; Coding by nature is a teamwork effort. You pick up where your colleagues left off and you hand what you have to another specialist to add on to your work. Software engineer work is a task oriented job. Every day we know which tasks we have on the agenda today. Personally, I take a minute to review the tasks and prioritize them by importance before I start working.

11:00 AM

Things don’t always go as planned, as I said above, coding is a team effort; sometimes you have to support here and there to get the right end result, which could distract you from your main tasks. Other times, it is just unavoidable technical software and hardware issues. An error in the code could take hours to resolve.

12:00 PM

Time for our daily meetings. The team gathers with the higher ups and discusses progress, targets and customer needs. There is no set time for breaks, we take as much free time as we require as long as we put in our 8 hours of work.

1:00 PM

After the meeting, it’s back to my beloved computer screen, punching up numbers and writing down codes.

5:00 PM

Barring any tight deadlines or immediate customer requests, we usually get to leave by 5.


I’ve been asked many times how I deal with stress and the tight deadlines that coding requires. While it is true that coding is a demanding job with tight deadline requirements, you can easily go through it with correct time management techniques. Our work is time sensitive, the codes we write are responsible for operating car parts that go into the production of major car companies. To ensure that we deliver on time, I sometimes take my work home and continue the job from there. Other times, when we’re really stuck for time, the company provides us with sleeping and bean bags and we get to stay overnight. Since our work is of vital importance, the code we write goes through 2 review processes. The technical review assesses the correct functioning of the code. While the quality review evaluates whether the work done is compliant with the customer’s request.

Now you know what a day in the life of a software engineer looks like; excited to start your career? What are you waiting for? Take the first step on the path to becoming a great software engineer. Log in to your Jobzella account and find your dream job by clicking here.

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