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So you’ve been hearing that voice again, the one that says you’re not doing what you were born to do. That may be true, but how do you figure out what you should be doing?

To begin answering this question, examine whether your current career path matches your core interests, beliefs, values, needs, and skills. Professional career counselors usually undertake this strategy when attempting to help clients identify appropriate career directions.

We all have some special talent, skill, or gift – something we do or some way we see things that are different or better than anyone else. Very often what comes naturally to you is so much a part of you that you don’t even notice it. People tend to think that if it is easy for them, then it is easy for everyone else too. This just isn’t so. You might think if it is this easy or fun, then you shouldn’t get paid for it. We like to think that work is hard – that if we don’t sweat and struggle, we don’t deserve to get paid for it. Again, this just isn’t so. In fact, it is more often the opposite: the people who make the most money love what they do and have some natural ability for it that they have honed and developed.

So as Jobzella always promised that it is going to be the base for your dream career and will put you on the right path, here is a quick Career Quiz offered by Jobzella that will help you identify the ideal new career path

First, take this brief career quiz and reply “yes” or “no” to the following questions:



  1. Do you know your biggest talent and purpose, or “Zone of Genius,” and do you know how to translate it into clear language describing the opportunities that you would be the best match for?
  2. When you speak to people about your profession goals, do they remark on how vigorous and passionate you come across?
  3. Do you have a deep sense of clarity regarding your value, and can you confidently specific your weaknesses?
  4. Do you discover it unnecessary to ask people’s recommendation on what job they assume you have to be in?
  5. Do you often get asked for a recommendation from others due to the fact you exude natural confidence?
  6. Do you lack a deep-seated concern that you won’t be successful?
  7. Can you seem to be at a business hassle and without problems determine out how you would be able to address some of the key challenges and walk any individual thru the steps necessary to overcome them?
  8. Do you have a clear focus for your career? Are continually researching, learning, and finding access to records so that you can deepen your information in that area?
  9. Do you keep away from spending your time discovering subjects that you have little interest in, even when they’re essential for a job that you don’t desire however have been advised is a properly opportunity?
  10. Do you experience pushed by means of a clear cause that goes past money, power, or fame?

Now, tally up your answers. If you answered “yes”:

8-10 Times: You are a superstar, and you possibly already know it. You are confident and clear and comprehend what you want. You have a vision, and you are spending your time growing it. Kudos to you—you inspire others barring   even trying.

5-7 Times: You are a rising star. You probably get ordinary remarks that you have a lot of potentials. You just aren’t yet sure how nice to maximize it or how you will turn out to be a superstar.

1-4 Times: You may also experience like you are a falling star, except direction. You are both in a job that is now not proper for you or you sense like your job search is similar to the recreation of Whac-A-Mole. You experience desperate and are making an attempt to be something and the whole thing to get a job. But, you can be a superstar—everyone can.

If you locate yourself in the “rising star” or “falling star” categories, don’t fret. There are some proactive ways to get your star lower back on the rise. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get Clear on Your Innate Talent and Purpose

I name it the “Zone of Genius”—your greatest talent and purpose. If you can’t parent out this out on your own, try discovering some support. Famous athletes and CEOs have coaches and consultants supporting them, so why would you no longer be open to doing the equal for yourself and your career? Especially if you are making an attempt to locate a job, getting support ought to suggest the distinction between an “OK” job and your dream job. Do research on profession coaches or consultants, and attain out for a consultation to locate any person who is a right suit for your goals.

  1. Create a Vision for Your Career

You want to comprehend the place you going in order to get entry to the steps wished to get there. Use these questions as a beginning point:

Think of your best workday and write it out in unique detail. What job would enable you to have that best day?

What variety of wondering do you prefer to be doing?

What influence do you desire?

What would be fun?

What sort of way of life do you want or want? Make sure you get clear on what you want versus want—and construct out a financial sketch that fits what you want first.

What form of human beings do you favor to work with now or not work with?

  1. Create Language that represents your “Zone of Genius” and your vision well.

It needs to be actual to who you are and what you carry to the table. Make sure it’s additionally specific. It’s handy to use accepted language such as: “I am a remarkable marketer” or “I work nicely in teams” as a substitute than something greater specific, like:

“I am exceptional at coming up with innovative ideas that join clients to a brand. In my free time, I am continuously brainstorming thoughts on how businesses can be greater concise with their branding solutions.”

“I am noticeable at working with a group and appreciation every person’s perspectives and ideas—and then growing a solution that addresses the complete group’s needs. The more complicated, the better.”

“My imaginative and prescient is to be the lead application developer of a product; that will help people to be extra productive in their lives. Productivity is something that is core to my story because my dad was once overworked and by no means was capable of getting around doing things he loved. I want to assist people with being in a position to do extra with their lives than they suppose is possible.”

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