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Most, if not all, people face struggles at their work, and sometimes they are only a matter of time until everything become smooth and relaxing again. Nevertheless, when these struggles become usual problems that you, as an employee, face every day, then you might need to think whether you are where you’re supposed to be or not. Jobzella offers you a guide that can help you discover if you are in the right job. In other words, here is how to test if you are walking in the most suitable career path for you or if you need a change. Discover the signs if you are in the right job for you or not.

  1. Do you feel your career development?

Have you ever felt that you are still in the same place as when you started your job years ago? Do you feel that there are no improvements or developments and that you are not taking any steps to fulfill your target and reach your dreams? After you graduate college and start searching for jobs, you might not land your dream jobs at first, and that is okay. Nevertheless, you must make sure that every job you do, either teaches you something new, or takes you a step further to reach your goal. So, if you are working somewhere and you believe that nothing new is enriching your skills, qualifications or work performance, then you might need to consider leaving your job, or even changing your career. Career development doesn’t mean promotions only, but also improvement in the kind of work or projects that you handle. It also means that you are furthering your career and expanding your personal and professional network in the field that you are passionate about. Change might be hard, but it will be worth it when you find your dream job, even if you work harder, you will be doing what you love.

  1. Do you feel unappreciated and discouraged?

If you are doing the job you are supposed to do, then you will be passionate about it. This means you work hard to finish your tasks perfectly, you are enthusiastic about learning new skills to improve yourself, and you are not ashamed of admitting your mistakes and learning from them, just so you can do your job better. However, if you often don’t take credit for your effort, and are usually discouraged when you try to improve and do better, then you might need to rethink where you are. You must also feel appreciated, in regards to the efforts that you exert and the accomplishments that you make or even the plans you put to help develop the work and improve its quality. So, if you ever feel like you are working more than you should be, and that you are not being appreciated and encouraged for your progress, and there is no hope that a change will happen soon, then you might need to rediscover where you belong.

  1. Do you hate your job?

A job should be what you do to strengthen your abilities and to prove yourself in the field you like. Therefore, you should not be forced to perform tasks that you hate or that you feel unrelated to. Moreover, if the job is good for you, you get enthusiastic every morning to get up and finish more tasks. So, if you feel challenged everyday and question why you are still in the same job, maybe it is time to find what you really want to do. So to avoid feeling lost and to know where you belong, start by learning about your points of strength and weakness, and identifying your skills, abilities and interests. Then, learn how to search for the job that can fit your interests and make you excited to do.

  1. Do you work only for the money?

When you work, you are not only doing a job, but you are taking steps in the path that will lead you to your target. This means that you have a big goal that you aim to achieve, and the job or the jobs that you do help you reach it. Of course, getting an income is one goal, but it should never be your ultimate target. In other words, you must never work only for the money, because then you are simply making yourself like a machine that performs a task for an income, but never develops or achieves anything more. Your job should present you and reflect your abilities. So, choose one that will help you land your dreams.

  1. Is it badly affecting your physical and psychological health?

Stress is a normal reaction that you can get doing your job, whether you are facing problems or working hard to meet a deadline or close a deal. It is also normal to have smooth and calm days, and others that are rough and long. That’s why you need weekends and annual holidays. Nevertheless, when your job is causing you health issues and making you sleepless thinking of your tasks and worrying about your work, then you need to consider changing either your work routine or your job. This is easy to identify because you usually get sick, lose weight and almost always in pain. Furthermore, you are angry and unhappy all the time, and your social life is affected as you get isolated from your family and friends and prevented from enjoying your life. Your job should help you have a better life, not to turn it into a nightmare. So, don’t push yourself beyond the reasonable limits and take care of the signs, it might be time for a change.

In the end, your job is where you implement your skills and qualifications and practice the field that you love. Struggles and obstacles will definitely appear every once and a while, and you should often be able to deal with them. However, when things get out of control and you have tried every solution and worked hard to make things settle and work out, but failed, then don’t fear change, and search carefully for the place where you belong.

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