Reasons Why Your Bachelor’s Degree is Not Enough Anymore?


You might have been struggling in finding a job after graduation, being promoted in your current job, or being accepted for a new position at a different company. You’re not alone. You thought that graduating from college will open every door for you but you were surprised that the value of this degree is not as big as you thought it would be. Your major is not going to pave a yellow brick road to career success. Scoring straight A’s in your prelaw coursework is not always the golden ticket to a million-dollar payday. Whatever you choose to study, make your own personal development the true goal of your undergraduate career. Use your undergraduate years to learn about yourself—your unique brilliance and your passions

The reasons why your bachelor’s degree is not enough anymore:
– More competition in the job market: Almost everybody above 21 years of age has a bachelor’s degree, so graduating college is not as impressive as it was 10 or 15 years ago. More professionals are going after post-graduate programs like MBA, Master’s and professional courses & certifications to stand out.
– More employers are requiring higher degrees: Employers are viewing MBA degrees and Professional Certifications as a proof of a potential employee’s abilities and qualifications, and thus, requiring it for the job vacancies they have.
– Average salary drop for bachelor’s degree holders: The pool of bachelor’s degree holders is expanding every day. Job openings, on the other hand, are not increasing at the same rate. Basic economics teaches us that when supply is greater than demand, prices go down. And in this case, the “price” is your salary.

Waiting for the solution? Here’s what you need to do to stay competitive in the job market:
1. Go for an MBA or a Master’s degree
Joining these programs will help you learn more about real-life cases, expand your knowledge and way of thinking, and allow you to meet people who could be of great use in the future of your career. Having a post graduate degree gives your knowledge & experience more credibility and ranks your CV higher in a pile of resumes. (Check out our tips for writing the CV)

Besides that Training courses are crucial to improving your skills and stay updated with the latest in your industry/field, having some impressive certification on your CV will definitely give it a big push. Going for professional courses after college shows that you are determined, a hard worker and a constant learner; which is what every employer wants in a potential employee. If you’re not so flexible with time, you can always take online courses and certificates.

3. Apply for internships
If you can’t find a paying job, especially if you graduated recently to apply for internships to gain hands-on experience and increase your chances of getting hired later. (Check the available internships on Jobzella).
At the end, bachelor’s degree isn’t useless; it’s going to allow you to enter the professional world; even if it takes longer than usual. Advanced degrees, courses, and internships can supplement your career by improving your skills and gaining real-life experiences, but only if it’s pursued in the right way.

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