Business: How to create Loyal Employees in the Workplace?


Every company and business wants to grow and succeed. They care about improving their brand, products and services and maintaining their customers. That’s why they make plans, join conferences and look for partners who can work with them achieving success and beyond. However, they usually don’t pay attention to the most important partner who they need to maintain, their employee. Unfortunately, when a company faces some difficult time, they often go for laying off their employees and downsizing the company to gain profits. What they don’t realize is that they are only getting short-term profit, but eventually, they will understand that they have actually lost the real fortune they had, which is their employees. Different studies have shown that creating loyal employees is the best investment any company can make, because it is the most valuable plan that guarantees a continuous development and long-term success. With that in mind, Jobzella is offering you the best six ways to create loyal employees.

  1. Invest more time in hiring your Employees.

The hiring process is a very important step in building the company’s future, just as important as writing its mission and vision and creating its brand image. You, as a manager, are not just choosing a person to do certain tasks, but to help you improve the company and enhancing the business. You are searching and evaluating candidates based on the qualifications that can add to the company’s teamwork, and further develop its strategies and methods. So, the first step to be a successful manager, is to carefully select those who you are going to trust with your business and be sure that they will do a perfect job and even more. It is okay if the hiring process took a longer time, it is an investment that will keep benefiting you and the company for a long time.

  1. Make new employees feel that they belong.

When an employee feels that he fits in your company and that he is part of the team and the business, he will care about his job and will want to give more to improve the work. So, he must feel that he is welcomed in the company and that you, as a manager, and other employees, care to make him understand the business and the company’s culture. Doing that, will make the employee understand that he is an important asset to the company, and therefore, his work will affect the company and himself. On the other hand, he will understand that the company’s success is also his success, so he will exert more efforts, sometimes more than the required, to accomplish the company’s goals.

  1. Make your Employees come first.

A successful manager would make sure that his employees know that he appreciates them and their work. He must also make them feel that he cares and that they have his support and help whenever needed. They must feel that they are important and worthy, so that they will work hard to do better and improve with the company. On the other side, although the company’s regularly-enhanced products and services, increase customers’ satisfaction and maintain their loyalty, employees’ loyalty also plays a great role in creating loyal customers. In other words, when employees feel that they belong to the company and that it cares about them, their loyalty to it will increase. As a result, they will desire to help maintaining a loyal customer base.

  1. Encourage Career Development and help creating Career pathways.

The success of your employees is your company’s success. So, when they learn something new, or try a new project or get a higher degree, this helps them improve and perform better at their work. A successful manager will always support his employees and guide them to develop their skills and build up themselves. It doesn’t matter if they had to skip some days or few hours to do that, because it will definitely help them do their work faster, with a higher quality and to be more productive, which benefits your company and the business in the end. It will be useful also if the company could provide some training or courses for their employees. If it is not possible, at least, as their manager, you can encourage them to pursue development and approve or support their goals and achievements.

  1. Communicate well, and empower your employees to make decisions.

Good communication is an essential key to eliminate many problems that might happen, especially within the work team. It also play an important role in making the employees feel that they are part of the company. As a great manager, you need to keep your employees informed with the status and progress of the company, as well as the problems or obstacles it might be facing. Moreover, engage them in the meetings and discussions, but more importantly, in the process of decision-making. This helps increasing your employees’ loyalty because it gives them a sense of freedom, confidence and control. That you trust them to think critically and reach a good decision that benefits the work and the company.

  1. Be the manager you would like to have.

One of the most essential factors that make employees stay in a company and remain loyal is that they have great support from their managers or supervisors and that they trust them. Being a good manager doesn’t help the company grow only with your efforts, but creates a strong loyal working team in which every member contributes to the improvement, the quality and the productivity of the company. So, try to always listen to them, hold them to great achievements, support them and make them feel your confidence, award their great accomplishment and tell them about their mistakes, and always remember that you are building and leading a strong and loyal team, which your company depends on to reach success.

In the end, your employees are a main pillar that holds your company together and keeps it strong and successful. You have the key to make those pillars powerful and loyal to the company or you can destroy it all and lose your real fortune. So be smart and start achieving success in the right way.

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