Why Companies Must Have an Internship Program?


Great companies are not just about the products and services that they provide, but also the work opportunities and internships that they facilitate, which increase their popularity and professionalism. Nevertheless, some employers might think that all they need for their companies to grow and succeed, is committed full-time employees who have nothing in mind more important than work, and most people think so too. Here is where they are wrong: loyal employees definitely build and support a successful company, nevertheless, diversity is what brings strength, innovation, and cooperation into the company. Jobzella is guiding you on why your company needs an internship program, and how you can start one?

  1. Interns are special:

First of all, interns are usually college students (mostly juniors and seniors) or fresh graduates, who work at a company for a limited period of time that lasts from one week to 12 months. The purpose is to gain a real-life work experience and to get exposed to the job market and the different fields and industries. Some internship opportunities are paid, while others are not, depending on the program that the company is offering. However, it is always useful to have interns in your company because they have these characteristics and qualifications, which makes them stand out:

  • They are energetic:

Interns are young people who are eager to learn and ready to explore. They are full of life and enthusiasm and want to prove themselves. That’s what makes them want to work hard, and achieve their given tasks perfectly to maximize their experience and their success in the internship opportunity.

  • They are inexpensive:

Although some internship programs offer some payment to their interns, most programs don’t because interns are not graduates yet, or that they don’t have enough experience. This makes the main goal of internship opportunities is to expose interns to the work life and to give them a preliminary experience, which helps them start their own portfolio.

  • They are creative:

Being young and new to the workplace, interns tend to be more excited and capable of thinking outside the box and creating new ideas. Moreover, their enthusiasm and ambition drive them to yearn for success and great achievements. That’s why, with a little bit of guidance, management and support, and through the internship program, they help companies develop creative strategies and plans, and implement them successfully within a remarkably shorter period of time.

  • They are innovative:

Interns are on a journey to explore the work-life and themselves, which is why they don’t have limits or boundaries that restrain them. They go beyond the known to discover new things and bring unusual opportunities to expand the work and reach bigger targets. Unlike most of the older employees, interns use their internship programs to link their opinions on the future of an industry to what’s is available on the market which helps them innovate and create better campaigns and strategies for companies and to beat the competitors.

  1. Internship Programs help to detect future employees:

Internship programs help companies test the work, the commitment, ethics and abilities of their potential full-time employees before hiring them. Moreover, it saves them the time, energy and efforts exerted in teaching them how to work and get used to the company’s culture. On the other hand, internship programs are a year-round recruiting tool, which helps companies detect and select the best full-time employees for open vacancies in the future.

  1. Internship Programs increase productivity and growth:

For that the interns are creative, innovative, energetic and inexpensive, they help companies create and implement better plans and greater opportunities to enhance their brands, products and services. With their enthusiasm and eagerness to perform well in the internship, they are more productive, which supports the company’s growth, and development.

  1. Internship Programs build your company:

Especially when you have a small business or a start-up company, internship programs facilitate almost-free labor, free-minded young innovators, and fully-immersed employees who care for nothing more than the success and prosperity of the work and the company. On the other hand, with the creative minds of the interns and the guidance and support of the employers, companies achieve their targets quicker and with more efficiency than when employees work alone.

  1. Internship Programs support students, which means you give back to the community:

Students often fall into the dilemma of gaining experience before starting their first job. Internship opportunities solve this problem and, on the other hand, train new employees for future full-time vacancies. So, it is a win-win deal. Moreover, with internship programs available for students, companies are supporting students in their career- finding journey and in achieving their goal to success. It is a great way for giving back to the community and thanking people for being loyal customers, which increases the company’s popularity and likeness.

5 Tips to Create the Best Internship Program for Your Company:

As you now know, as an employer, why internship programs are useful for your company, the question is how you can create one that is suitable for your company. However, don’t panic, this is not a problem. Jobzella is advising you to follow these tips to enjoy the maximum benefits of your interns.

  • Be clear and specific about the internship programs:

Define the hours, the required skills and qualifications, the given tasks, the expectations, the payment and further job opportunities. Based on your company and what your business need, decide on the terms and conditions of the internship opportunities.

  • Provide constant feedback:

It is true that interns will perform whatever task you give them to do, but they are still expanding their knowledge, and so, they need your guidance in return. They must know your opinion of their work, and how you would want them to improve or enhance their outcome. Moreover, providing feedback increases the interns’ self-confidence, and helps them understand how they are expected to work during the internship.

  • Engage them in wide-range of tasks, and long-term projects:

Give them a remarkable internship experience, and let them try different tasks that are related to the field to give them a wide vision of the industry requirements. Engage them in long and short-time projects, individually and within teams, to enrich the benefits that they gain from the internship program, and to discover their potentials.

  • Be flexible and open up to their creativity:

Encourage them to express themselves and discuss their thoughts, ideas and contributions. Whenever possible during the internship, give them the space to get creative and plan for work development. Make them feel that they are part of the team and an important asset to the success of the company. Reward them for their achievements, and be available for career advice when needed.

  • Plan for the right end:

Organize a clear schedule for the internship program, in terms of the skills they need to learn, the tasks to perform and how the program will go. Make the experience remarkable and plan for awards, certificates, or mentions of appreciation at the office by the end of the program. Try also to provide a recommendation letter for the excellent interns, to encourage them to keep up their great work.

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