A Confused Fresh Grad? Your Guide Through The First Years


With the 10s of universities in Egypt, every year millions of students graduate. The market is hungry
for employees; but how do you make the most of your current status as a fresh graduate. You have
no experience and your CV is empty and unimpressive. How do you land your first job? Where do
you begin your career? Jobzella provides you with the ultimate cheat sheet for all fresh grads.

  • Go for internships
    Internships are not only for students; they provide a real chance to emerge in a professional work
    environment. Starting off as an intern is a stepping stone that all professionals go through.
    Internships give you a chance to create your first professional network; networking is crucial for a
    successful career in the future. Being an intern also helps you learn about the field or industry you’re
    interested to work in. Practical work is very different than the theoretical material they teach in
    universities; that’s why fresh grads can greatly benefit from internship programs.
  • Don’t expect much
    As your first job or internship, don’t expect to receive a large salary; we all have to start somewhere.
    As a fresh graduate, your options aren’t that much. You might receive an offer with a salary that you
    feel is beneath you. Never mind that, you work to learn, gain experience and educate yourself. Don’t
    ask for or expect high salaries, you still haven’t proven yourself in the real business world. If you
    want that big paycheck at the end of the month, work for it; hard workers eventually get their
  • Courses, Courses, Courses
    You just graduated and you thought studying days where behind you; you were wrong. Education is
    a lifelong process, we never stop learning. Buff up that empty CV with impressive courses that could
    draw a hiring manager’s eyes to your CV. There are hundreds of courses offered through Jobzella.
    Check here how you can benefit from some of these courses.
  • Volunteering
    You just graduated, all you want to do is chill and relax after a hard 4-5 year period. Unfortunately,
    the fast pace of the life we live won’t allow that. Instead of doing nothing of benefit after
    graduation, do some good and give back to the community. Although unrelated to the professional
    work field, volunteering shows you are ready for work, you work well in teams and are genuinely a
    good person. It also doesn’t hurt to boast your philanthropic work on your CV.
  • Do your research
    Free time. What to do with it? Do some research. Learn interview skills, find out how to write an
    impressive CV. Fire up your favorite search engine and research the fields you’re interested in, what
    companies work in that industry? Are they hiring? This is the shortest way to your first career steps.
    Don’t just blindly apply to jobs, do your research and it will be smooth sailing from there.

Being a fresh grad in this economy can be tough; managers are looking for experience and you
currently have none. That’s no excuse though, don’t wallow in your free time. Work on yourself,

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