How to deal with your over sensitive employee?


Before we begin to explain how to deal with a sensitive employee within your company or team, we first need to know who is the sensitive employee ?!
“The sensitive employee is the one who deals with situations with extreme sensitivity. In all countries of the world, 15 to 20% are very sensitive to what they are exposed to in different life situations.” based on a study by psychologist Sylvia Harkey.

Although the first impression that most of us may have, is that sensitive personalities are difficult and mysterious, they have different qualities and skills, most notably:

  • Accurate and analytical thinking.
  • Paying attention to details.
  • Commitment to work ethics.
  • Creativity and sense of harmony.

Now, we are going to discuss the mechanism of dealing with the sensitive employee to get the best result of the work from him/her.

1- Know his strengths.
Know the strengths of your sensitive employee to help you make the best use of them. For example, a sensitive employee tends to avoid conflicts. He always innovates and accomplishes his tasks in independent projects, where he finds himself and seeks to implement them according to a plan and objectives.

2-Criticize him without embarrassing him.
Everyone in the workplace could face criticism, so be careful when criticizing sensitive employees, so they do not misunderstand you.

The best way to do that is by meeting them face to face and criticize the behavior, not the person.

Do not push them to show their emotions or cry in front of you. If they are about to cry do not end your meeting with them, give them time to get back to their calm and continue the discussion with them.

3- Give him enough time every morning.
Usually, a sensitive employee needs some time every morning, arranges his office, organizes his tasks, sets his goals and then starts to carry out those tasks.

The more his tasks are organized and ranked, the higher his productivity and the higher his happiness in the workplace, on the other contrary, The overloading of random tasks and pressure to accomplish it, disturb him and create doubts in his mind.

4- Do not be a moody person with him.
The sensitive employee by nature feels good with a specific method of treatment, so, Avoid words which have more than one meaning and be clear and understandable.

5- Take care of his views on the work environment.
The sensitive employee is known for his right insight and his awareness of the variables around him, so, he is the most capable person to give tips to improve the working environment. Ask him which procedures can achieve useful and effective results. Motivate him to come up with innovative and positive ideas to improve the performance of employees and increase their productivity.

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