Did your interview go well? Know the signs


Most times, it requires a gut feeling to know if an interview went well or not. Other times, it is not so clear if the conversation went well. Candidates often report one or two opposite reactions after leaving a job interview. There are many visible signs to shows that your interview went fine or not. Let’s be factual, walking out of an interview can be discomforting as much as preparing for one. It is easy to get mix reaction on what really happened during the job interview. Different signs might mean different things during an interview process. The interviewer might not smile because you gave a wrong answer or he might just be having a bad day.

Here are some signs to determine if your interview went well or not

Your interview ran long

If an interview runs over a few minutes – that may indicate that the interviewer likes your personality or what he or she hears. Recruiters do not like wasting valuable time on candidates that do not seem like a good fit for the job. Did the hiring personnel spend time asking you quality questions and discussing the details of the job position with you? This is a good sign to look out for. But keep in mind that situations might come up that might lead the interviewer to wrap up the interview session faster than schedule, most especially if an urgent issue that may require his or her attention in the office comes up.

The interviewer sells you on the position and the job

When the interviewer seems to spend more time promoting the benefits, the company culture, perks, pay and some of the highlights of the position and reasons why here is a good place to work, it is a great sign that they are trying to sell you on the job and position. Another great sign that the interviewer is selling you to the job is when they ask you how long it will take you to start work if hired?

You’re asked to meet potential colleagues

You know you ace an interview when the interviewers start introducing you to potential colleagues or to people who weren’t on the interview schedule. Be friendly with anyone you come across. It can also be a form of evaluation.

You’re asked for references

When this comes up during the first interview – that means the interviewers were impressed with your qualification and performance and are willing to fast-track the recruitment process.

Salary Comes Up

Most times, interviewers are not eager to discuss a particular salary structure with you – unless they’re serious about hiring you. Asking you questions on your past salary, present salary and what salary you are expecting to be paid is a good sign that you are among the few being considered for the job.

As you consider these salient points, always keep in mind that regardless of how confident you feel, your intuition is only a guess until you are giving an offer and an appointment letter. Good luck as you continue to prepare and be the best in every interview.

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