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When we were young, we always asked ourselves a question, what I would like to be when I grow up.  Almost all of our answers was to be a pilot, police officer, engineer, or a doctor. But what if I asked the kids in the future the same question, are they going to have the same answer?! Based on the words of world economic forum, the technology is the future, for that they say that the market of computer engineering such as software developers and computer system analyst is going to be needed very much and it’s market will grow by 20% in  2025 and that means technical knowledge will be essential in almost all the future jobs.

In the medical field for Medical Technicians and the Physical Therapist they will retain their functional their prestige and there is going to be a huge increase demand for them, as well as for Workplace Ergonomics and the mission that they care about the comfort of the employee during work through that they make sure that the comfortable chairs, the decor is comfortable, lighting appropriate and improve the job environment overall. If we took a look at the job environment of Google and Facebook we will know how much the comfort of the employee’s effect in their performance.

 And for the Customer Service and Marketing Specialists are jobs that we can’t leave it even in the future too, furthermore the demand on them is going to increase more by the year 2025.  But the sales proportion of its existence is going to decrease compared to the digital marketing and development in the way of marketing and platform used in advertising and promotion beside teaching and training who is going to have a huge role in share of the growth in labor supply and demand market so the demand on them is going to increase in the future also, and with them accountants and auditors also. But most important jobs is in the field of technology, especially  who is responsible for the development of both applications and software and hardware that will serve  all fields would be secured, also the areas that require skills of creativity and innovation is going to spread dramatically in the jobs of the future.

How to be prepared for the future?

The world around us changes, and if we faced this with ignorance we will end up with a miserable destiny and we are not going to have a place in the future, so we have to use it will  and stay aware of all the changes and future expectations.

In the beginning thinking in an untraditional way is the most important step to qualify yourself for jobs in 2025 by not depending on the university degree and trying to develop yourself and your skills necessary to reach the future job (click here to know why university degree not enough). Second thing as we said before, that technology is tomorrow so you have to educate yourself and gain knowledge and experiences in programming and computer science and all the needs related to modern technology be ready for the labor market’s future through courses and training in appropriate atmosphere (Don’t miss Jobzella free courses that will helpful in programming and computer science).

And we have cannot deny that this future jobs we are going to need it, but that does not mean it is the only jobs that will exist because many of the current jobs will remain with  the same importance and priority. What matters that the person making the effort required in any job he chooses to leave a positive impact beneficial for him and for all humanity.

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