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Situation 1: You’re stuck in an unrelated career to your passion, made huge progress and don’t know if it’s right to switch off now and how to do it.

Situation 2: You’re in the middle of pathways between starting zero at your dream career or accepting a promotion in a job you hate.

Situation 3: You just don’t feel fit. You don’t know if you’ll fit elsewhere, you’ve nothing to lose yet don’t know where to start.

For how many years have you been wishing to accomplish a big step towards your dream career but somehow never got a hold of it?

It’s either a current job that isn’t related to your passion or that you’re still in the senior year struggling your way into the corporate life. We’ve all been there. At that confusing moment of our lives, it’s best to look for mentorship programs, career coaches to lead us through the way, tell us which path to take.

This needs to be done. You feeling the urge to change isn’t avoidable, the feeling will haunt you down your career life until it’s too late to take a step. So you need to be careful and watch the signs.

One of the best quotes I’ve adopted over the years is this

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

Nora Ephron’s Julie and Julia 2009

So if you’re confused between paths, don’t know where to start, or even already started but don’t quite fit in your place and feel like you’d really use professional advice… We have the solution for you.

Jobzella’s fourth career fair is the goldmine of professional career development.

Not only you’ll find workshops, live interviews, but also career advice sessions and some powerful influential speeches from pioneering career experts to guide you through all your career struggles.

What do you say to a day that’s 100% guaranteed to solve all your career questions and confusions?

  • Want a job? live interviews with more than 50 companies are ready for you
  • Want career advice? Pioneering career coaches with mentorship programs are waiting for you on schedule
  • Want a career-life changing push? exceptional speeches from successful leaders are ready to inspire you through their stories
  • Need a head start to corporate life? Sign here to receive the fair’s workshops agenda!

Mentorship Sessions

Under the hands of our pioneering educational partner Talents Mine… Meet those expert life coaches and get ready to mee them at Jobzella’s Fourth Career Fair!

Meet our three pioneering career coaches

#1 Rasha Elkhodary

One of our key certified coaches is Rasha Elkhodary, She possesses a professional journey within 14 years of HR business partnership as well as HR specialized experience mainly in organization development, rewards management, and talent development. 

She also has a proven experience in HAY-GROUP Job Analysis and job evaluation methodology and a committee member for the job evaluation at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank as well as evaluating 200+ jobs at the National Bank of Egypt. 

Rasha has accomplished CIPD Level 3 and became Associate CIPD Certified, holding HR Management Diploma at the American University in Cairo with Economics and statistics background as part of my major studies with the university. 

Our Certified Life and Career Coach Rasha has participated in delivering coaching sessions for Cairo & other governorates as well as volunteering in associations for Career advisory will be present and waiting for you on schedule on the 14th of Dec at the Greek Campus. Sign here to attend.

#2 Omar Nour

Omar Nour is a certified Career Coach, and Talent Acquisition Professional in one of the biggest banks in Egypt, he has 5 years of experience in interviewing, selecting, and hiring candidates in all governorates in Egypt in the Banking sector and Engineering Field.

Omar strongly believes in the power of engaging and empowering young people to help them find the right job and focus on their value

#3 Waleed Abdelraouf

The third career coach is one of the best pathfinders. Meet the certified career coach, certified assessor, and recruiter, Waleed Abdellatif at Jobzella’s Career Fair on the 14th of December. Make sure you sign up here

Waleed has acquired a Human Resource Diploma from the hands-on experiences in diverse fields 

American University in 2014. “Telesales/Customer Service and Human Resources” and has worked in the banking sector for more than 9 years in Human Development sector and currently he is Talent Management Lead in QNB ALHALI. 

He has almost 6 years of experience in Recruitment, Competency-Based Interviews, and manpower planning, and during the last 3 years, he has been certified Level A & B (Psychometric testing and Ability test administration) from CEB (Gartner now) in 2016 and from Korn Ferry (Hay Group) in 2017.

He also participated and managed more than 120 assessments and conducted more than 90 feedback sessions; recently he has been certified as a Career Coach from Intellect Coaching School. 

#4 Aliaa El-Dardery

Aliaa El Dardery is a certified Career Coach (GCDF) for more than 9 years and an FCD instructor certifying Career Service Providers, Aliaa is immensely passionate towards optimizing the careers of individuals and

She has been selected for a Professional Fellowship
Program by the U.S. Department of State in Fall 2019 for emerging

She possesses business expertise as a holder of Masters in International Business Administration, Management & Leadership Lecturer, a Strategic Planning Manager, Entrepreneurship trainer, and a Training & Development Consultant. She’s also augmented her coaching and counseling skills in business-related decisions of business professionals and different-size companies.

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