Employers: How to create an employee-friendly workplace?


Have you ever felt like you don’t want to go out and eat in a certain restaurant, even when you love its food, because you hate its settings or atmosphere? Or have you ever refused to go to a certain party because you don’t like the companionship, or the location? Sometimes, employees feel the same way when they go to work every day. Most employees love their job and want to achieve a lot in their career, but the company or the workplace doesn’t encourage them to do so.

On the other hand, it is true that employers try to motivate the employees to work hard, and get more productive and successful. Nevertheless, encouraging them is not always about raises and promotions. Sometimes, all they need to do is to create a nice workplace, and provide a friendly atmosphere to make their employees happy and willing to get up early every day to do their job, even when the work is hard and demanding. Jobzella is offering you this guide to help you create the most employee-friendly work environment to satisfy your employees and boost your business. First of all, this is how you should make your employees feel…

1. It is their company, how can you all improve it?

Whenever you can, ask your employees for their input and feedback. Make them feel that they belong to the company, and thus their opinion is important to build a friendly and customized workplace. This doesn’t mean that you will be implementing everything they ask for, but you will try to make them as comfortable as possible, as long as they don’t violate the professionality of the place or decrease its respect.

2. Here are the rules and your code of conduct:

Building a workplace or a company requires you, as an employer, to have a clear vision and deep understanding on how you will run this place and rule its people. A successful workplace is the one with well-defined set of rules and laws that directs its human resources and governs their relationships and interactions. On the other hand, when you set a clear code of conduct, you are informing your employees with what is expected from them, and what are their rights and responsibilities. Some companies write their main principles on the offices’ walls as a constant reminder of their values, pride and virtues.

3. We are one team, let’s create our unique culture:

A building is as strong as its basis and well-established foundation. Any successful company is actually supported by its united and strongly-connected team. Just like how the backbone support the human body, a strong team spirit and a satisfying friendly culture is how a company survives all failures and achieve great success. So your team are the tools that will help you dig your way to success, and the weapons that will fight problems and overcome obstacles. It is your responsibility and in your capability to create a strong backup for your company and your business. On the other hand, your employees will monitor how you treat them, and thus will treat each other in the same way. So you are the main key in building a friendly cooperative work atmosphere, or to create one that is filled with hatred, tiredness and inequality.

4. Celebrate together:

Try to make your employees feel like one family. Get to know them whenever you can, sympathize with their sadness, and join them in their happy times. Don’t interfere too much in their personal life, but be there when they need you. On the other hand, get them together in different occasions and national celebrations like: Ramadan, Christmas, Eid, Easter, etc. and celebrate together. Plan some parties outside the office, or got out on some days to have lunch or dinner together, and always announce great company achievements, and personal success.

 5. Set plans for career growth:

Show your employees that you have plans for improvement and that you are not going to stay at your position for long. Set the dreams of the company and the business clear, and make them participate in the progress and the final success. Show them the development of the company and the business, and the milestones that you all have achieved. They are part of the company, so they must be part of its growth, which reflects on their career growth.

 6. Let’s create a Healthy workplace:

All the previous points are very important to keep in mind as they affect the psychological factors of the workplace. However, you still need to work hard and smart on the physical or material aspects of the workplace. Consider the following points, and do your best to facilitate them in your company.

  • Choose a nice place:

The location of your company plays a great role in how people will perceive you and your business. Try to choose a nice city where you can develop and expand your business. Also consider how employees and clients will reach you, in terms of transportation and ability to find the office or the company. On the other hand, if the place is nice and with a comforting greenish view, employees will be more motivated to work.

  • Decorations and organization:

The workplace must always be clean and tidy. A crowded unclean place will prevent employees from working, and more importantly, will drive clients away. Think also about the office needs in terms of desks, chairs and decorations. Put all desks in an organized way, not too close that employees will be upset, and not too far, which will create distances and decrease the team communication. Try also to add some decorations that will be pleasing to view, and refreshing, but don’t add too much that will feel crowded.

  • Windows and lighting:

Natural light is usually more refreshing and inspiring to motivate employees to work. So try to make as many windows as possible, as they also provide fresh air and beautiful sights. On the other hand, good lighting must be available during all working hours. Whether natural or using light bulbs, employees must never struggle to find good sight.

  • Nice breeze:

Nothing is better than fresh air in changing the employees’ mood and in helping them take a break and refresh during the working hours. Nevertheless, consider that air-conditioning will be also needed in hot days. The best thing to do is to facilitate both: windows for fresh air and fans or air-conditioning, to keep a nice breeze inside the offices all the time.

  • Kitchen and fun area:

Working for long hours will require employees to keep themselves awake and focused to finish their tasks. This means they will need to eat, drink water, and have hot drinks like tea and coffee every once and awhile. That’s why there must be a kitchen in the workplace which has a fridge, small oven or a microwave, a sink and a place to put cups and plates. On the other hand, try to specialize a small room or space as a fun area where employees can play a game together, chat for a while or even just rest. This will strengthen the bond between the working team, and will increase their loyalty to the company and the business.

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