From CSR into HR: the Right to Employment of Persons with Disabilities

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Disability is still one of the characteristics distinguishing persons and groups from each other, exposing them simultaneously to social, economic and political exclusion and discrimination. Therefore, it is not surprising that persons with disabilities (PWD), with the same professional qualifications as persons without disabilities,
A certain stigma is common in Egypt that disabled employees are somehow less capable than others. It is time to break this ugly stereotype; that’s why Jobzella is throwing the biggest fair for the disabled people Ne2dar after the big success of 2018 fair for PWD.

In this blog post, we are about to mention the relationship between CSR and Employing people with disability.

  • Employ Disabled People Skills & Innovation.

The CSR rule in disability is not limited to experienced  & well-educated people only to overcome the disability, but it mainly concerned with helping to find their passion, and gain new skills to adapt positively in their societies and able to produce.

  • Integration as a part of CSR.

Creating jobs for people with disabilities and promoting their integration is part of CSR.
You also know that sustainability now includes social dimensions such as social inclusion, equal opportunities and combating discrimination. They are intrinsically linked, and future sustainability efforts need to be considered.

  • Diversity as a Value of CSR.

people’s differences are no longer cause for positive or negative, conscious or subconscious discrimination but are seen as intangible assets within a company that needs to be fostered, another step is taken towards being socially as well as economically sustainable in the long run. Therefore, Both CSR and diversity are interesting fields with interdisciplinary potential which can trigger new ways of thinking. People with special needs overcome tremendous odds to be where they are. Such skills might not be possessed by non-disabled individuals. The transfer of skills in this situation would improve employers’ skills and increase overall efficiency in the office.

  • Sustainability and CSR.

The concept of corporate social responsibility and their relationship to sustainability, in principle, seeks to improve health, education, employment and caring for people with special needs sectors and creating suitable jobs for them, in addition to providing a better environment for the Egyptian community to live in it.

If you are looking for an opportunity to activate the role of social responsibility for your company, there is no better than participating in “Ne2dar 2019” in order to create more jobs for people with special needs and integrate them into the labor market. Don’t miss the chance and participate in the biggest employment fair for disabled people in Egypt, For more details please check out here.

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