Your guide to the most seven lies used at work!


Like “ Zenga ” did, when she slapped “Ahmed Eid” in the Egyptian Movie “Africano” saying “Liar !”, when she discovered his lie, The employee sees this nightmare, every night, that the manager will discover his lie, and force him to put his signature on form number 6.

In the business world, and with the daily pressures that are disproportionate to the amount of the employee energy, the possibilities of facing troubles increase. Then he tries to get out of them, with an argument or a white lie.

It may start from a simple white lie, the employee stutters while saying it until he used to exploit it and become a professional, who can create lies on spot with easy and confident way.

Through practices and experience in work life and after taking the view of human resources workers, we discovered 7 kinds of lies in work life:

1. Lateness Lies:
In the case of arriving late to the company, the first excuse that the employee will use is “ A traffic accident “ that killed many, in addition to exposing danger. He will say with a dramatic touch that “ He was on the brink of death”.

2. Death and life lies:
This type of lies often contains a list of family and friends’ names, and in the case of the employee needs additional hours of sleep, or casual leave, he starts to use the next name in his list, and justify his absence by ” Someone Died”.
The disaster occurs if the employee forgot to remove the name from the list and use it again because it will become a lie that defies all the natural laws.

3. Marriage Lies:
Here, the employee may seek to marry only, in order to add a list of excuses, to the work list, like “I will get married”, “My wife is sick”, “My wife gives birth”, “My wife loves the morning fights and arguments”.

4. Coast Lies:
There is a kind of lies using specifically to travel and summer, the employee claims to have a disease or a fracture of his foot, in order to travel two days to the coast, but the justification of “Tan” is easy and simple, ” it’s because of solar therapy.”

5. Diseases Lies:
The employee may take advantage of some diseases to be irritated by his absence from work, or lateness, such as flu, migraine, The employee may leak to the company holding his stomach or head and return the ball every half hour, to assure the message.

6. Not Achieving target lies:
Your manager may stop you, wondering why you didn’t achieve the target of the month. When all the excuses are used, you may resort to ” to take into consideration the feelings of colleagues”. No one knows it might work.

7. Philosophical Lies:
In contrast of the Matter, Lies can be created and consumed. Sometimes you may not find any justification for your actions, and all the attempts to avoid troubles became in vain.
In this case, you can embody the character of the Bohemian artist who does what he likes, and when others ask about Anything, the answer will be ” because the horizon of the world can no longer bear more idiots.”

If you are one of these employees, or you have used one or more of the above justifications and excuses, share your situation with us, and don’t forget to share this Blog post with your co-workers.

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