Halloween Terrors: Nightmares at your Career


Halloween is upon us and as the whole world know it is the night of terror since the beginning of time but in the business world we live daily terrors and struggles; some of us might have Halloween every and each day. Even both employees and job seekers; each can have their very own fear. Now, thoughts are running through your mind but Jobzella will help you with every trick on your way with a treat of advice.


  1. Being Unemployed:
    This is a major fear of the most of the Earth’s population because it means if you don’t have a career to count on for money sources or social status then you have no future. So, how can you overcome this fear and win your dream career that can sustain all of you social or financial aims? So here is how can you get hired on Jobzella and fulfill your career goals and get to know every tip and trick to achieve your dream job. 
  1. Working in a job you hate:
    If we all loved our jobs it would be a merry world but it’s not. Those who are lucky have figured out how to get paid for doing things they loved. If you are working in a job and questioning your love for it; then you must read Jobzella’s blog post Are you in the Right Job? Top 5 Signs from Jobzella; just to make sure if you really can’t keep going in the same career or is it time for CHANGE? So, you have figured that this is the end of your current job and you can’t move further; then you need to follow Jobzella advice about How to discover your career passion?
  1. Work Transition:
    The stress is overloading your mind, can’t think clearly and you are struggling to achieve your deadlines or even not developing and feels like it’s not the career for you anymore? That’s your red light to have a career shift; still, it’s a frightening leap unless you take it with faith. So after discovering your career passion and now you know exactly what to do! Also How to gain Experience after a Career Transition? And not to feel like starting from the bottom; adding to how to achieve a Successful Career Transition? 

    4.- Harassment in the work-space:
    The word Harassment itself raises a red flag but bullying exists in different kinds and place including the most professional ones. Any sort of harmful or unrepeatable behaviour falls under harassment and abusive behaviour. It can lead you to be uncomfortable, inefficiency and even might end up hating your dream job. The harassment can not only affect the person but can affect the company and the whole country’s economy.  If every experienced employee left his/her place because of any kind of harassment, then the business won’t be developing. Here is how to point and detect harassment at your workplace; Here are two blog posts on how to Understanding Harassment in the Workplace and also about  how to deal with sexual harassment at your workplace.

Don’t let your fears or dark times stop you from achieving your goals. Always remember this quote:

“The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.” -Harvey Dent.

So having all of this fears does not make you a less of a professional or even gives you lack of confidence because every fear can be overcome and always remember to have no fear because Jobzella is always here to answer your questions, support you  and enhance your dream career.
Have a very happy Halloween.

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