Hating Tuesday? Apply These 8 Small Techniques!


Do you hate Tuesday? May be you are not the only one feeling so!

Tuesday is considered as the worst day of the week according to a U.S. work stress survey and a happiness study conducted with the assistance of iPhone app Mappiness. From the results, Tuesday feels like the longest day of the week, it’s the most stressful, and it’s the most miserable.
On Tuesday you are not well rested any more and most of the week is still ahead of you. It’s the most depressing working day that full of tasks, complains and endless requests!

Despite potentially feeling at your lowest on Tuesdays, productivity is actually at its peak. Interesting, isn’t it? A national poll  spread by Accountemps, suggests that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week for whole employees.

Then What?
Several solutions can help you accomplishing more tasks on Tuesday without sacrificing quality:

1. Divide tasks into 2 types:
To guarantee that you didn’t forget any required task even the smallest one, start your working day with make a list of tasks divided into Important Tasks and Unimportant Tasks.

2. Use Gap Time:
The little blocks of time we have during the day while waiting for the bus, standing in line, waiting for a meeting to start, etc.  Have a list of small, 5-minute tasks that you can do in these moments, or carry something to read or work on to make the most of these spare minutes or wait to arrive to the workplace, then, start doing the unimportant tasks and set 10- 20 mins Max. to accomplish them. This will give you a feeling that you achieved many things in short time, what will charge you with more energy.

3. Use A Timer On Every Major Task:
Using TIME is one of our major components to make better Tuesday, so, after getting done from unimportant tasks, you have to put a timer on every important task,unless you will fall into the hole of open-ended tasks, then you will almost always take more time to complete it. Conversely, if you set a clear amount of time to do each task, you’ll work far more rapidly, as you attempt to beat the clock. It will be like challenging yourself and it has a great positive effect, if you succeeded the challenge.

4. Eat the Frog: 
From the list of important tasks, do your most unpleasant task first. Based on the saying that if the first thing you do in the morning is eat a frog, the day can only get better from then on.

5. Monotasking:
We like to think of ourselves as great multitaskers, but we aren’t, specially on Tuesdays! What we do when we multitask is devote tiny slices of time to several tasks in rapid succession.  Since it takes more than a few minutes (research suggests as long as 20) to really get into a task, we end up working worse and more slowly than if we devoted longer blocks of time to each task, worked until it was done, and moved on to the next one.

6. Use Templates:
For repetitive tasks, like letters, customer reply emails, blog posts, etc. Surely, you have templates for them. Using these templates, will save your time and give you much more time for other tasks.

7. Say No:
Saying “no” to new commitments, to interruptions, to anything, is one of the most valuable skills you can develop to keep you focused on your own commitments and give you time to work on them.

8. Play music without Vocals:
A series of experiments has investigated the relationship between music during accomplishing tasks, and the results give strong support to the positive effect of playing music to get more productivity. Moreover, choosing a non-vocal music tracks with immersive tasks is really important, because lyrics are especially destructive to our focus.

Now, How much faster could you work than you are currently doing on Tuesday? These eight techniques are a great start to helping you achieve the super high level of effectiveness that we are all capable of.

Tuesday can be not that bad, If you know how well you can use it! So, forget about those Tuesdays blues, and keep going.

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