Take your Hats-Off! Right way!


What do you do for employees recognition?
Do you gather your employees, take your hats off and start clapping for the star of the month?! based on “one size fits all” !
It doesn’t work in most cases!

We know that you start out with all of the best intentions when you seek to recognize an employee performance and you often find your recognition efforts turn into employee complaining, jealousy, and dissatisfaction, but never let that affect you, or make you  hesitated about providing employee recognition.

People who feel appreciated are more positive about themselves and their ability to contribute. People with positive self-esteem are potentially your best employees.
Make sure your employee recognition is reinforcing and ensuring that you, the employer, will see a continuance of the positive behavior that was recognized and rewarded.

So, How can you make it  the right way?
For successful employee recognition approach and avoid the traps that can ensnare your employee recognition efforts, you should follow the tips below:

1. Remember! It’s not only about money:
In many organizations recognition shorted to the financial reward and this approach misses the point of recognition, cause people are motivated by more than money. They like to be appreciated.

2. Forget about the employee of the month:
Employees want to have a personal deep connection with their manager, so the most authentic thing you can do, is to approach them one-on-one, and give them a personalized praise. There’s nothing nicer than having a manager approaching you, and recognizing you for a specific achievement.

3. Thank them:
Employee recognition is a big problem for many managers! and their alibi is that they don’t have enough time!
despite that “thank you” takes literally 2 seconds, if you have to go around thanking all of your employees all the time, that takes much time.

4. Pick appropriate recognition:
Recognition should match effort and results, or it loses meaning. This is where the complexity lies, cause it requires a good sensation and a deep knowledge of your employees.

5. Recognize their passion:
Another way to recognize your employee by applying 60/60 program, which grants employees two hours every week to work on a project they’re passionate about – and it doesn’t even have to relate to a client!
Through the program, employees have been able to work on anything from sports sites to food blogs. When you value an employee’s passions, they know you value them as a unique individual.

It takes effort and much caring to take your hats- off the right way!

– Organizations with a strong employee recognition approach are 12x more likely to have strong business results.
– Organizations with effective recognition programs had 31% lower voluntary turnover than organizations with ineffective recognition programs.

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