Hepta Theory: Top 7 Habits that can make you more Successful at Work


Success is a pleasant goal that every employee aims to reach. Wherever you work and whatever you do, it is never an easy path to get to that goal. While most people think that working hard for long hours is the only way to reach what they want, there are lots of habits and practices that can contribute to how they can accomplish their goals and help them become more successful. Jobzella is offering you the complete Hepta (Seven) Guide for the top 7 good habits that you need to acquire as well as the top 7 bad habits you need to let go of, to achieve more success at work.

The Good Hepta: Good habits you need to have…

1- Socialize within the company and the business.

Success is not just about how great your work is, but also about how great your relationships are with your managers, colleagues and clients. To do great work, you need to communicate well with the people you work with and to be able to create a friendly atmosphere within the working team. On another side, a successful employee makes sure he has good relations and strong connections within his career field. This means, he is aware with the competing and surrounding companies that operate in the same business market, to help him gain expertise or pave the way for cooperation.

2- Motivate yourself.

Even if you are working in the job that you like, you need to know how you can motivate yourself and get up on your feet when you fall or face difficulties. No one can lift your spirits more than you can, so think about the reasons why you like your job, why do you do it successfully, and even the goals and dreams that you aim to reach, doing your job. Then, write them down on a piece of paper that is always visible to you, to keep you encouraged and motivated to wake up every day early in the morning, just to go to work.

3- Learn to work under pressure.

Work can be very stressful, and with the continuous overload and pressure, you might feel down or want to give up. However, life is never easy, and although you might feel exhausted, the workload won’t disappear, and so you need to learn how to manage your time and increase your productivity. Pressure will always be part of your work life, so it is better for you to get used to work in such circumstances, because this will eventually decrease your stress and anxiety, and increase your productivity and success.

4- Always think about improving your career.

Successful people always have plans to go beyond the point where they are standing. Even when they are standing in an advanced point of success, they always aim to go higher. When you have a constantly- updated plan of things you want to achieve, you are always motivated to finish what you are working on, to start with your next task or step. This boosts your self-esteem, helps you achieve more, become more productive and succeed.

5- Help solving problems.

An important part of creating a friendly work environment is to help eliminating the obstacles and solving the existing problems that obstruct the workflow. However, sometimes when the employees work to eliminate the problem themselves, they create a happier and more cooperative work team, than if the manager got involved. So, when you try to solve the problems you face at work, or help others solve theirs, you are exerting efforts, more than the required, not only to become a successful employee, but also to make the work successful. In the end, your managers and coworkers will appreciate your participation and help.

6- Monitor your work and plan your daily schedule.

It is very important to keep track of your work, and schedule what you have to do. Being organized and knowing your plan, helps you stay focused and outlines your day, to finish your tasks on time, and plan for your next tasks-to-do. It is also a good idea to monitor your work and how you do it. In other words, you watch the time when you do a certain task so you know how long it takes. As a result, you better plan your day and schedule your tasks more accurately.

7- Evaluate yourself and know what needs improvement.

As you monitor your work, and find ways to do it better, you need to monitor yourself and make self-assessments. Identify your points of weakness and strength and work to improve yourself. As you aim to achieve bigger plans and become more successful, you need to make plans for self- improvement in your schedule. A successful person always evaluate his experiences, skills and qualifications and sets goals to grow as a person and as a successful professional.

The Bad Hepta: Bad habits you need to let go of…

1- Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It might seems more useful to try to multitask and finish all the work by yourself, but it is actually slowing your progress and decreasing your productivity. Being successful is about achieving quality and accuracy in the given task, and not about getting the most quantity. So, it is advised to ask for help, from your manager or your workmates. You are not competing with your coworkers, but with the company’s competitors to achieve higher quality and better product or service, so you are proving nothing when you do it all by yourself. On the other hand, asking for help creates a nice atmosphere within the working team. It makes different members feel that they are valuable to the team and thus, work harder. Then you become a helpful and a likeable team player, and even a leader, and that helps you become more successful.

2- Don’t over-apologize.

Be fair, especially with yourself, you should not take the blame for something you didn’t do. When you over-apologize, you negatively affect your self-esteem and self- confidence, and others’ trust in you, accordingly. More importantly, when you over-apologize, you are affecting your professional demeanor, which will be reflected on your work quality and your success.

3- Don’t compare yourself to others.

You are a distinctive person with unique characteristics and qualifications. Comparing yourself to another employee, sometimes is like judging a fish why it cannot fly. It is good to try to improve your skills or imitate an employee to become more successful, but don’t hold that person into perfection and torture yourself for not being him. The first point you need to consider is that you would never be him. More importantly, if you keep the comparison, you will reach a point of desperation and doubt that you are good enough to do your job, so, you give up improving and aiming for success.

4- Don’t worry about perfection, when it is not needed.

Your job is to finish your work up to the highest possible standards. Perfection is nice to achieve whenever possible, but if you constantly desire it and regard it as an aim, it might be a huge obstacle in your way of finishing even the smallest and simplest tasks. So do your tasks up to the best you can, ask for help if you can’t finish them, and move on to the next project or task.

5- Don’t deny your mistakes or fear them.

Mistakes will happen every once and awhile. Some scholars say that you don’t learn when you don’t make mistakes. Of course, you should try to avoid them as much as possible, but that should not make you fear them or paralyze you into being a perfectionist. The most important point is to try to fix what you missed up, and learn from your mistakes. Don’t ignore them, and don’t blame them on others.

6- Don’t stop aiming higher.

Nothing stops you from being successful more than not having plans and ambition for higher achievements. The moment when you decide to stay where you are and only work for the money, is the moment when you are actually becoming less and losing the person you have become. Success is all about strengthening yourself and your work and aiming for better. So, when you stop that, you are definitely not becoming successful.

7- Don’t say “Yes” to everything.

Agreeing on every work, project or task you are given is putting more workload on yourself, more than you can handle. Even if you can finish several jobs at the same time, focus is a main key to success. It also organizes your working life and directs you through what you need to finish, and what still needs to be done. So, multitasking is decreasing your efficiency in every task you are doing at the same time.

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