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School is out, it’s time to choose your major in university; but what do you base your choice on? Should you focus on the major with the most hiring opportunities? Should you choose the major you love? This is confusing period for anyone who just finished high school. To make things easier, we have done some research and brought you the top earning majors. But should anyone really choose their majors based on the pay scale/salaries?  Let’s find out if it’s worth it.

The info we looked up was a bit of a surprise. In Egypt, it’s all about wealth and positions; people think getting accepted into medicine is the dream. Our research proves that this is not the case. Doctors are not among the most paid professions. Infact, the healthcare sector is ranked 15th among the top paid jobs according to Emolument. Let’s see who is number one.  The numbers listed are according to international salary surveys.

10-Tourism & Resteraunts: While the tourism & resteraunt industry took a dive due to recent economic conditions, it’s still in 10th place.

9- Masscommunication: Where would we be without the media? What you see on television, what you read in the newspapers; that’s all the work of talented masscom graduates.

8- Construction Engineering: Real estate is always a valuable investment, that’s why competent civil and construction engineer majors are always needed.

7- Logistics: No doubt this major has been crucial to the current environment in Egypt. Its employees often start with low salaries, but there is really room to grow. Average international salaries vary between different positions; Supply chain managers for example make an average of 61,000 euros annually. While a relatively less experienced logistics or warehouse coordinator can make up to 32,000 euros annually

6- Pharmacy & Bio Technology: Pharmacy major is not easy to get into, sure its requirements are less than that of medicine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy major. This is why it’s surprising to see it so far down the list. Still, better salaries than going into medicine. The average pharmacy graduate worldwide can expect to get paid around 34,000 euros per annum. While a research scientist’s salary would start at 50,000 euros yearly.

5- IT & Software development: A relatively new entry, software and app development are heavily needed in Egypt due to the rise of the startup culture. The average salary made by a software engineer would be 60,000 euros yearly.

4- Telecommunication Technology: The communication industry is booming in Egypt. With 4 competitors in the business, Telecommunication engineers are in high demand. The international rate for telecommunication engineers would be around 62,000 euros yearly.

3- Business & Commerce: They’re everywhere, business graduates. The most flexible major, if you’re a business graduate, you can work in HR, Marketing, accounting, etc. Qualified marketing and HR managers are in high demand. Their salaries can reach up to 100k a year however the average rate is 66,000 euros per year.

2- Law Lawyers and advisors are always needed. They too are flexible and have the option to work in several position. Entry level associate attorneys can be expected to receive an average 58,000 euros. While a full-fledged lawyer would receive an amount of up to 80,000 euros yearly.

1- Petroleum Engineering: Petrol is the main source of fuel; it’s used to run electricity into our home, operate factory machinery and operate our cars. Since this precious natural material is in much demand, so are its engineers. The highest paying major is indisputably Petroleum engineering. The starting salary of a junior petroleum engineer could reach up to 70,000 per year. We’ll let you imagine how much a senior engineer would make ;).

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