Have you ever considered that the best dating advice could also be applicable to your job hunting?
Here are some similarities between a date and a job interview that you can find common in both situations.

  • The first impression stays!

When you meet a person for the first time, your main concern is how to show the best version of you and never step out leaving a negative attitude. Giving the right first impression is a skill that shall be mastered because it shall be hard to change later on.

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  • Prepare.
    Before either you have to do some homework by reading more about the company and the person you are going to meet. No problem to open the website read the vision, mission and the core values of the company, not just to be able to impress them by talking the same language, but also to know if their values match your vibes.
  • Stop being desperate about it.
    Be yourself, show off your skills and qualifications and never show that you are desperate to get their acceptance because this will let the other party underestimate you and may lead to taking advantage of this. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean to be arrogant or resistant.
  • Don’t burn your ex.
    It will show a poor reflection on you when you badmouth your ex-boss / manager even if you think you were treated unfairly, as this will make the interviewer sees that you can’t handle yourself professionally in an unfair situation and chances that you won’t get hired will increase, even if the rest of the interview went perfectly.
  • Be diplomatic.
    Being diplomatic simply means exposing your sense of maturity, tact and wit. Employers would try to test your diplomatic skills on an interview to test how you can react in the real work scenario. For example: if they ask you for the reason of leaving the past / present job, diplomatically starting with the positives and how you learned from the previous job and how do you value the process of learning new things and exposing yourself to new jobs and challenges, will give you extra credit. Social intelligence is also a great skill to have beside being diplomatic.
  • Ask questions.
    An interview should be a two-way street. Many people underestimate the power of asking questions during the interview. Obviously, you are excited about the job, so show the interviewer that you are by asking more questions. This allows for better conversation flow and you won’t have to worry about remembering what you wanted to ask later on and regretting about not asking it.

Remember, it is your right too to know more about the company so no shame to bring a sheet of paper with a few questions written down so you don’t forget in the heat of the moment.
At the end of the day you have to understand that your vibe attracts your tribe so you have to know what you want and be opened but selective to opportunities both romantically and within the business world. Jobzella will not help you to find a date as everyone wishes for, but we are experts in helping you to find your dream job, click here to search for your opportunities which will fit you the most.



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