Will your job disappear in the next 20 years? Who Knows?!


Let’s take a trip to the future and have a look at what the future of jobs will be in 20 years. Automation; it’s a word you might hear often. But, what exactly is it? Automation is the removal of all human elements in certain work sectors and being entirely replaced by automated machinery.

Automation is coming whether we like it or not; any attempt to halt its progress would be unsuccessful and bordering on counterproductive. Should we attempt to stop it though? Automation could mean the end of non-skilled and middle education workers. However, automation is the wave of the future and although it can be bad news to some, everything has its upside.

FTEs (Or full time equivalent), is the hours worked by employees on a full time basis per year. It is predicted that by 2040, automation will eat 12 million FTEs in Egypt alone. Although this might sound scary to some, the good news is that there is a way to avoid being replaced by an AI or robot.

How to avoid automation?
In 20 years, automation will have eaten up 50% of all man hours in 60% of the world. How do you secure a job and avoid being swallowed by the machine? It’s simple, studies show that by just obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the automation potential of your job drops to 22%. Years of experience are also undeniably a great tool to further lower the potential of your automation. Bad news for high school dropouts; the potential for automation of a high school degree holder is a whopping 55%. This means that it is very likely that he/she will be replaced by an automated machine in the next 20 years.

Jobs to avoid:
The mechanization of jobs is limited to low skill jobs that are usually given to laborers with low to medium educational qualifications. The jobs that are most likely to be nonexistent by 2040 in Egypt include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Agriculture & fishing sector
  • Retail

Now that you know what jobs to stay away from, let’s talk about the work that is unlikely to be automated. Non automatable occupations are jobs that require creativity, human interaction and common sense. Some of the jobs that are “future proof” to avoid being unemployed include:

  • Graphic Designers:

Graphic design require complex and creative minds, making it very hard to be replaced by an AI

  • Teachers

The field of education requires extreme human interaction, child care is not something to be left to a robot.

  • Marketing specialists

Critical thinking and common sense; mankind’s greatest gift. Would an automated machine be able to influence a consumer’s choice?

  • Healthcare providers

Physicians, doctors and surgeons. Would you trust your life to an AI? Most people wouldn’t.

  • Human Resources

The peripheral nervous system of any company. The job of a human resources specialist requires constant human interaction.
The aforementioned occupations have a very small chance of automation.

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