How to get a job if you are INEXPERIENCED ?!


How do you get a job if you are NOT experienced? and how do you get experience if you have NO job?
It is neither dramatic situation nor complex equation that hinders you to get your dream job.
All you need is to take a deep breath, read this post and follow the upcoming tips.

Face yourself with your truth.
You are not experienced, and you have to admit this fact . You do not have to lie in your resume. You have to admit that you are not experienced and seek to more learning, experience and development, instead, mention some examples that show your determination, commitment and passion towards learning and working hard in both, volunteering activities and  student communities during the study period.

Know about your skills.
Make a list and mention the most important skills required in the job you want to work in. Did you know them fully?Good!
Now, it’s time for looking inside you, and to identify the skills that you have, and most of people believe that you have them.

Look for the common.
Read the job description more than once and then ask yourself, what is common between you and this job? What might help you do your job more easily? Your response will help you to create a link between you and the employer. Then, Guess what. You will find
a common discussion space between you and the employer!

Focus on your life skills.
Your life skills are like compassion degrees that you get at the university which help you to successfully pass through. The same with your career, your life skills are your opportunity to be more recommended to the job than other candidates.

Keep Learning, volunteering and communicating.
Never stop learning or gaining new skills either through training courses or through volunteering in new experiences. Believing in lifetime learning, is a powerful advantage in your job interview. Also, do not forget that professional communication increases your opportunity to get the job.

Please note that the most prominent areas that provide jobs without experience are:
Financial Services & Banking, Marketing & Advertising, Customer Service & Call Center and Hospitality.


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