Job Search: Why is it Worthy to Discover your Career Passion, and how?

Job Search

“It doesn’t matter, I can work anywhere…”

“I’ll take any job… I just want to work…”

Have you ever heard one of these statements from a friend or a relative? Or maybe, did you ever say them yourself one day when you got tired from your Job Search? It might sound helpful to keep your options wide open, and to be prepared for whatever opportunity comes in your way. Nevertheless, it is actually hiding what you are capable of doing, and burying your points of strength and qualifications. You are a unique person, and so you have potential and characteristics that makes you stand out and qualifies you to do better and to be different from just a guy who can “work anywhere.” Jobzella is advising you on why it is important and worthy to discover your career passion, and guiding you on how you can do it correctly in your Job Search.

A sea shell might not look worthy to some people who are seeing it for the first time. Therefore, they wouldn’t care to discover it, and they might treat it as nothing more than a rock or a stone. Nevertheless, when someone takes a close look and cares to open it, he will find the pearls hiding inside, and that is the first reason why you must discover yourself. In other words, even if you can do different jobs and work anywhere, not paying attention to yourself and your abilities, is hiding your true pearls and unique capabilities inside you, which is preventing you from doing what would make you happy and satisfied. So, wherever you will be working, you will always feel lost and that there is something missing.

Furthermore, if you don’t understand yourself, and don’t know where you want to work or what you want to be, no one else would know, and therefore, they will not be able to help you. Asking for a job anywhere is not giving any good details that can help clarify a specific career path. More importantly, it is not giving any advantages or great qualifications that would convince any employer to agree on hiring you. Most managers and employers want to hire qualified, self-aware and confident people. So, not knowing what you want to do or where you want to work is actually harming you and eliminating your chances of working anywhere.

Unlike the sea shell, no one will come to discover you and find out about your potential. In other words, you have to get your pearls out and show them to the employers, and here is how you can do it.

  1. Answer the following Three Questions.

Finding your career path starts by you figuring out yourself and understanding who you are. The following three questions will guide you through your discovery journey, but you must think carefully and deeply before you answer. It might also help to write down few notes.

#Who am I?

The question might look simple, but it requires you to think about three main categories to accurately answer it. First, the talents, characteristics, hobbies, activities, and things that excite you, things that motivate you, things that you are passionate about, and your points of strength, all of which build up your personality. Second, the work environment and the surrounding circumstances and conditions that you can work within in the workplace. Third, the kinds of people, managers, colleagues and costumers, whom you can work with.

Get a piece of paper and divide it into these three categories and start writing your thoughts and impressions. There is no right or wrong answers, and even if you thought that some of your ideas were silly or irrelevant, write them down too. This will help you organize your thoughts and learn more about yourself, then you can write another paper that is more informative and clear, as you shape your preferences.

#What do I want to do?

In this question, you need to find out how the answers you got from the first question, can be shaped or found in a specific job, or different careers. You can explore some of the job opportunities you already know about as you have been seeing your friends or relatives working in these fields, or you can take some of the online career tests to help you discover that. After you make your jobs list, you can start job searching for the suitable opportunities and what companies you can work for.

#How can I get hired?

In this question, you need to follow the steps that can make you noticeable for the employers and get you in the job market. So first of all, you need to prepare your CV, and to write down your education, experience, qualifications and skills. You might also need to write a cover letter, depending on the requirements of the job that you want to apply for. With the list of job opportunities that you prepared in question (2), you can start applying for the most suitable jobs.

  1. Listen to someone who believes in you.

Sometimes over thinking about your career path and the opportunities that you need, will make you feel lost and get you confused. That’s why sometimes, it is better to talk to someone else who understands you and has faith in your abilities and future. Sometimes, all you need is an outsider who can give you his opinion or vision that can help you solving the difficult puzzle. On the other hand, sometimes you can get more insights on your qualifications or things that you are good at, but never thought about as a career.

  1. Don’t make money your first consideration.

Once you have discovered yourself and become surer of what you want to do, the next step is that you need to start working so you can test this new job. This means you need to try doing this job, to find out if you really like it or not, and if you can pursue your career in that field or not. So, don’t think about money and salary as your biggest concern. Of course it matters, but sometimes you need to start small with little income until you familiarize yourself with the profession and improve your qualifications and expertise.

  1. Be open and flexible.

Discovering your passion is not a short process, yet a lifetime journey. Some people discover their real career passion and hidden talents very late, and they start following them. Others spend their lives moving from one job to another, and even switching careers every once and awhile. So don’t worry about trying different professions even if they are completely different. The most important thing is that you keep learning and improving until you reach your dream job where you will be satisfied and work happily.

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