Jobzella & PDF Employment Fair| 50 Participated Companies and Hundreds of Job Opportunities.


Jobzella and Professional Development Foundation (PDF) employment fair has been launched at the Greek campus in the Downtown Cairo with 50 companies participated from different fields. For example, companies like ECC, Aged, ACS, Dopay, simple Touch and Data Technology participated from IT field. Also, in the banking sector, Al Ahli Bank, and Banque Misr, Alex Bank met with great interest from job seekers. And more other companies and institutions, which include a variety of jobs such as Lactalis company, Ragab Sons and Raya; in addition to Huawei, FedEx, and Al-Futtaim Group.

At 11 o’clock sharp in the morning, Jobzella welcomed the first group of job seekers in which the turnout was large as Mostafa Farouk the Unit manager said to Al Borsa news that the number of people reached almost 80% at the beginning of the day and they expected to increase at the end of the day.

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PDF which is the strategic partner of Jobzella offered a large number of grants to qualifying job seekers as well as to provide them with necessary skills needed to cope with the labor market requirements.

Job seekers have been met the golden sponsor of the Employment Fair Ousta company which offered the attendees a promotional code that can be used to enjoy a free trip. Also, representatives of Ousta Company talked to the audience to view available jobs inside the company. This was followed by Dopay Company which received a fantastic design for its own booth in the employment fair; Dopay and its representatives communicated with job seekers as well as with representatives of other companies.


The organizers of Jobzella Employment Fair ensured to offer an easy and suitable way to organize the entry of the large number of attendees besides control the existence of the companies to avoid overcrowding or congestion between both halls by providing a way to enter and exit to allow the check of presence for two halls as well as view map of the exhibition places with the availability of companies within each hall to facilitate the process of searching on the attendees.

Lactalis company was one of the companies participated in the employment fair. Mohammad Shafi is the hiring specialist in Lactalis group said to Albosra news, which was one of the media partners in the Employment Fair of Jobzella and PDF, that the company provided through this job fair held by «Jobzella» today more than 300 jobs mostly in the field of sales. It also provided two jobs for fresh graduates but focuses mainly on job seekers with experience, so keep up with the march of the company’s success.
For the number of attendees, Shafie confirmed that it was high dramatically, where more than 600 people from job seekers arrived during the day.

Lactils-Majid (1)Majid Al Futtaim Group also participated in Jobzella Employment Fair with the massive design to its location within the exhibition and has provided a large number of jobs and also received a large number of job seekers. Jobzella Employment Fair allocated more than one room to conduct interviews, Raya was one of the companies who benefit from these rooms through making immediate job interviews for a large number of job seekers.

However, in the digital and content marketing field, Captain Boy and MO4 had an important role in attracting youth who have an interest in working in this specific field. MO4 joined the employment fair with the modern and attractive design for their booth which was similar to their workplace at the Greek Campus and they talked with young people about their work opportunities available in the job fair.


Jobzella Employment Fair is considered to be the first event of the Initiative “with our own hands to build our country” which was announced by Nader El Batrawi the founder of Jobzella in his interview with Amr Adeb in “Kol Youm” TV show. The initiative aims to form a link between companies and job seekers in which Jobzella will exploit its website to be a network communication between both. Jobzella is also seeking in the near future as another role of the initiative “with our hands to build our country” to held various partnerships with distinct and well-known entities in the training sector, in order to create a distinct and unique training programs to prepare them for the labor market.

For the booklet of Jobzella Employment Fair which was unfortunately carried out as a result of the high demand; the good news is that it is NOW available on Jobzella website for people who couldn`t come and it also sent to attendees who couldn’t buy it.

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