Jobzella Launches A Guide to a Successful Internship Program!


As #Jobzella celebrates its 4th anniversary, It decides to share this event with you on its way. So, while we are at the course of Companies’ Internship programs, and because we are keen to make the company and the intern getting the best results through this program, #Jobzella, presents you ” A Guide to a Successful Internship Program! which will explain the errors that may spoil your internship program , As well as the best practice of Internship programs and how to execute it, That what will guarantee, a practical experience for the intern, and a high productivity for the company.

You can now download the guide through this link 

# Jobzella also gives you the chance to publish your training program opportunities on our website, completely free and we will help you choose the best interns.
Just follow these simple steps:

1. send the link of your company profile on jobzella to this email “
2.Send us your internship opportunities.
3.we will reply on your email by confirmation.



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