Why Hire Through Jobzella’s 4th Career Fair?

Jobzella's 4th career fair

You know when the answer is right in front of you, but you just don’t see it? That’s one of those moments.

Let’s not talk about the exhausting hiring process of long nights viewing applications, testing candidates based on selection criteria, analyzing background and references and finally (but not really) shortlisting and going through the second phase and then… oh, no, it’s endless!

Let’s see what the job fair will do for you and push this gloomy cloud off your head, shall we?

Acquire the Talent You Need for Bussiness Growth

Jobzella’s career fairs are designed to fill the gap between companies that find it hard to find the right-fitting candidates to achieve their business growth objectives and talented job seekers.

Smart companies, on the other hand, have seen the importance of employment fairs and learned how to leverage its power.

Not only you get to meet prospects in person, ready and prepared for interviews, collect resumes for future hiring and spread your brand name amongst other businessmen and fresh grads that’ll grow loyalty for your company.

You will actually find a great opportunity to make great deals and partnerships with other companies and also gain company exposure from the press. All that while saving yourself big time and money.

Guaranteed Win-Win Situation

You’ll not only be meeting professional and passionate applicants but also great CEOs and entrepreneurs and investors that are wholeheartedly willing to share their expertise and possibly invest in great partnership deals! The networking of these events is priceless, really.

Here’s a portion of the companies that’ll be joining us in the career fair:

jobzella's 4th career fair
The joining companies in Jobzella’s 4th career fair

Discover New Potential Through Jobzella’s 4th Career Fair

You’ll be surprised by the huge amount of prospecting candidates and data that you could leverage. Thousands of professional job seekers and fresh passionate and talented grads will be attending the fair looking for the perfect opportunity.

This could be your chance to fill the vacancies at your firm and activate your CSR presence.

Save Time & Money

Jobzella’s 4th career fair will cut the long-term hiring process short and save you a long way by gathering not only job seekers from all levels at your booth but also CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and HR managers from other big companies.

The rest is yours! Connect, network, inspire and hire the best candidates live at the event!

Everyone at this employment event will be prepared and ready for on-spot interviews, workshops and career advice sessions. It’s a gold mine filled with resumes and deals.

Explore the hidden gems in the heart of Cairo & participate by booking your early bird booth for 11,899 EGP

Gain Transparency with Future Employees 

A Survey from the Glassdoor U.S. Site says 90% of job seekers want to work for companies that embrace transparency. Getting down to earth with your future employers, meeting them in person and letting them see what your company represents will actually give you the upper hand amongst the less-forward thinking employers, it’ll ease the process for both parts and make the interviews be more of a conversation about mutually beneficial hiring than of a catch the mouse game!

Activate CSR

Showing up in events like these to support job seekers, connecting with them, exploring the market and passing your expertise by giving them career advice to increase their awareness level will actually grow a feeling of loyalty and recognition to your corporate. It’ll also bring about a needed sense of communication with the outside world to your current employees which will be beneficial from all sides.

Let’s not also forget to mention our big-time influential speakers from previous years such as Ramy Khodier, Dr. Wael El Fkharany, Dr. Ehab Shalaby, the street reporter Sara Fouad, and the ambassador of work Andrew Ashraf.

From the perfect organization to the workshops and inspiring career advice sessions, down to the unexpected number of job seekers of all levels; passionate fresh grads and professional applicants, made it just perfect for all our participants to reach their objectives and more!

Want proof? Watch this video from our 3rd career fair:

This precious feedback says we had it all prepared!

Join us and 50 prominent companies in the biggest employment event in 2019!

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