Meet Jobzella at YSR Forum 2019


Jobzella team will participate in the Youth Social Responsibility Forum that will be held in The Greek Campus on 20th of April.  Jobzella will join the summit as an online partner and as the official professional network of the event, In cooperation with a large number of sponsors and partners.

YSR forum is a platform gathering Egyptian young leaders who feel socially responsible towards their communities, enhancing their participation in decision making, aiming to serve their societies under the supervision of corporates concerning social responsibility.

YSR forum is inviting around 250 multinational and local companies,
marketing managers and CEOs from reputable brands who will give youth the support needed into making their ideas grounded.

YSR Forum will be exclusively inviting popular social media influencers to contribute to the projects with the youth, to add more enjoyment for the participants throughout executing the projects. The corporates will be supervising the projects, to get out with the maximum outcome, and guarantee the sustainability of the projects.

YSR Forum 2019
YSR Forum 2019

Why Jobzella advice you to participate in YSR – Youth Social Responsibility?

  1. Learn and hear success stories and case studies from Influencers, share their experiences and ideas in all fields and become a member of the community of your field or hobbies and expand your professional network.
  2. You will have the opportunity to join projects during the year in your field because some of the Influencers will have projects and ideas in need of your participation with them.
  3. More than 150 marketing officials from different national and international companies are interested in sponsoring your ideas and projects with serious steps, as part of activating their role in the field of social responsibility.
  4. Do you always wonder how you can play an influential role in your community? Optimize because throughout the day you will be surrounded by multiple details to guide you towards reaching an influential community role.

It’s your last chance to get the early bird ticket and paying only 200 EGP. Click here and book your seat now!

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