Meet Jobzella’s 2019 Career Fair Speakers

jobzella's fourth career fair 2019

In need of some career advice, inspiration, and motivation? Meet Jobzella’s 2019 career fair speakers

Who’s ready for some motivation and a better career path?!

It’s that time of year again, here we are announcing Jobzella’s fourth career fair where you get to meet professionals in different fields, listen to their success stories, get some inspiration, understand more about your dream job and develop your skills by interacting with our speakers, as well as attending various activities and workshops!

Here is a list of our influential speakers that will be attending this year. Get to know them and get the utmost benefit from their experience. 

Dr. Ramy Khodier- CEO, AIM Consulting 

For the second year in a row, Dr. Ramy will be joining us with his experience of 23 years in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Brand Management, and Business Development with a number of reputable business enterprises. 

Through the development of best practices, state-of-the-art business, and management models, he had the executive management skills and the applied academic knowledge combined together resulting in an outstanding business and economic performance.

You can check last year’s Jobzella TV interview with Dr. Ramy:

Yasser Shaker- Founder and CEO, Optimistic Spark Center

For the third year in a row, the author Yasser Shaker who specializes in emotional intelligence, psychology, and science of optimism will give his speech at the fourth career fair. With his belief in the power of optimism, he has helped executives and employees all over the world and became a leader in the science of optimism and positive psychology. 

He showed outstanding results in training employees and managers in multinational companies such as AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, Motorola, and McDonald’s. His specialized coaching and the public speaking program are rooted in the science of optimism, and his first book “Optimistic Spark Around-the-Clock” was the launch of the program.

Also, in his latest book, Zoo Leader, his coming book ALPHA, he reveals a fresh approach to being a leader who is able of creating a successful business and life.

Would you like to know more about Yasser Shaker? Check one of his interviews with Jobzella TV:

Usama Nabil- NOK

With more than 16 years of experience in the Customer Operations, People Management and Training field, the Certified International Trainer Usama Nabil has been appointed as South Europe Hub-Trainer for Teleperformance since 2008. 

Known for his flexibility with coping efficiently with business swings and skills in reading numbers and taking required corrective actions when risk factors arise.

He was part of the successful launch and growth of multinational names as TE Data, Teleperformance Egypt, HSBC DSC.” 

Shaimaa Ali- Co-founder, Harmonica

As one of the Co-founders, spokesperson and Chief Public Relations Officer of Harmonica, her main role is to keep the team in touch with the market audience.

Her major in Geochemistry Science was one of the reasons that encouraged her to connect with people all over the world from Alexandria.

Through “Travel with Shee,” she encourages young Arabs to travel, and to this day she succeeded to encourage over 100k followers to combine between the elements of universe inhomogeneity and young Arab women empowerment. 

Dr. Ahmed El Sayed – Egy Cham

A visiting lecturer in many highly esteemed Egyptian and foreign universities with more than 15 years of experience in the HR field who holds a DBA from London Business School-UK, and an MBA from the German University in Cairo. He also works as a consultant for a variety of huge projects in Egypt, the Gulf, and Africa.

He also presents the HR Talkshow on YouTube and is the first to present a TV program about Human Resources.

Ahmed El Sayed – Founder, Fox Business Consultancy

A Master Trainer with a Diploma in teaching and training. He also acquired the British Diploma in HR, the Business Administration Certificate from Britain, and has been working in the human development and training field since 2013.

He is currently a training manager at El Kateb hospital and a freelance training and administrative consultant for many esteemed training companies such as Al Mentor as well as an administrative and marketing consultant for many companies inside and outside Egypt. 

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